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The Hackney Horse Society was formed in 1883 with the joint aims of publishing a Stud Book: improving the breed and promoting the breeding of Hackney Horses & Ponies; and to hold shows of such Hackneys and Ponies.

The most exciting week of the year for Hackney enthusiasts is the Hackney Horse Society's own National Show held at the South of England Showground, Ardingly, Sussex, during the first week of June. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the breed would do well to visit this show for here is seen the best of the breed from all over the United Kingdom competing both in hand and in harness.

The first two days are largely devoted to in-hand classes, where the horses and ponies are judged on conformation, type and action. Do not expect a calm and sober parade. During these classes the animals are "run" by relay teams of handlers whose art is to assist and encourage their charges to demonstrate the brilliance and purity of their action to its best effect. The animals also respond to the enthusiastic applause of supporters and spectators so the atmosphere both in and around the ring becomes more and more electric as the classes progress through the age groups, culminating with the senior stallions. A ringful of mature hackney stallions whether horses or ponies "stepping for their lives" is a rare and exhilarating sight. The Hackney Horse Society National Show

Don't miss it - then stay on for the harness classes on the final day of the show where Hackneys of all sorts from Novices to Champions, are driven to Show Wagons, or to Gigs singly or in pairs or tandems.

There is no finer place for anyone wishing to see Hackneys in action to visit. The Hackney Horse Society tent is sited on the edge of the ring and visitors will be warmly welcomed and provided with information about the Society, the breed, and its activities, as well as being able to purchase excellent mementos.

The Hackney

The Society Today

* Publishes a Stud Book.
* Organises a National Breed Show and National Harness Show annually.
* Arranges qualifying rounds at all major UK agricultural shows for National Hackney Horse and Pony Harness Championships.
* Retains a Hackney Museum within the Mossman Collection at Stockwood Park, Farley Hill, Luton, Beds open most of the year to visitors.
* Keeps stocks of commemorative items and gifts, including ties, scarves, sweaters, glassware and books.

The Northern Hackney Horse Society is closely affiliated with the Hackney Horse Society and organises the Northern Hackney Show annually.

MEMBERS: Receive reduced rates of entry for eligible animals in both the Stud Book and National Breed Show.

Receive free admission for the National Show. Receive a free copy of the annual Year Book and Newsletters during the year.


Life Membership (up to 25 years and over 60 years - different age scales).

Annual Membership Single or Double (renewable each January 1).

(Membership is open to owners, breeders and anyone interested in this elegant and outstanding breed).

NOTE: Anyone wishing to sponsor a class at the National Show or any of the local UK shows should contact the Secretary of the Hackney Horse Society.

ALL ENQUIRIES TO: Secretary, Hackney Horse Society, Clump Cottage, Chitterne, Warminster Wiltshire BA12 OLL Telephone: +44 (0) 1985 850906 Fax: +44 (0) 1985 850317

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Updated: October 2005.