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Oros-L Stud

Oros-L is a fairly new private stud set up by founders of Troika. Its purpose is to breed superb competition horses, mostly Trakehners, for home and international markets. Although fairly young, the stud has made a reputation as a center of excellence. The Russian Trakehner Association awarded the stud the status of the North-Western center of Trakehner breeding in Russia.


Oros has an Arabian stud in Kuban, with its the dry climate and calcium-rich steppe soil. It is an ideal place to breed horses. Nevertheless, it was decided to locate the Trakehner stud in North-West Russia, 200 km away from Moscow, in order to produce horses that could fare perfectly in the rigors of northern climates. One reason was that most of Russian equestrian activities are in Central and Northern Russia, notably Moscow and St. Petersburg.
A wealth of experience of breeding Trakehners in Russia since 1925 was analyzed, and in consultation with the Institute of Horse Breeding a breeding and schooling procedure was worked out to get a reliable Russian Trakehner that would be tougher than the Kirov Trakehner. Being a private farm, the stud could afford better keeping conditions and vet control.
The stud is being supervised by Dr. Dorofeeva and Dr. Petushkova, Olympic gold medalist in dressage, Vice-President of the Russian Equestrian Federation, and a great admirer of Russian Trakehners.
The early crops have suggested that the philosophy paid off. Comparison with Trakehners reared at the Oros stud in Kuban and in the south in general shows that although some Oros-L Trakehners may grow at first a bit slower than Oros Trakehners from Kuban, by their 3d year they level off and even surpass the horses from the south. At the same time they are generally tougher and less susceptible to frost and diseases.
Another advantage of Oros-L is its easier reach from Moscow.


The stud’s foundation stock has been hand-picked for performance, conformation, and soundness. Among the sires are Glad and Astemur, superb Thoroughbred eventing horses of international renown.

Schooling and training

Young horses are being schooled with extreme caution, in the best traditions of Russian horsemanship that preached patience and perseverance with horses. The trainers try not to exert excessive pressure on young horses in order to protect their nervous system, and to produce individuals with courage, mild disposition, and excellent jumping performance.
Older horses have recently begun to be given on lease to top Russian showjumpers for further training in competitions of various caliber. References coming from the riders are excellent.

Aragon of Oros L Stud Bal of Oros Stud Khan of Oros-L Stud

Trakehners from Oros-L


Oros-L can offer for sale 15-20 Russian Trakehners, stallions and mares, of 3 years of age and older, 164-169 cm, sound, with good conformation, initially schooled, ideal for sports.

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Updated: October 2005.