NEW Hunt Club® Animal Bedding: An Alternative Packed With Advantages

WILLOUGHBY, OHIO-January 2, 2002-Hunt Club® animal bedding, a revolutionary bedding that offers significant improvements over traditional bedding materials, is now widely available. Mass distribution of Hunt Club bedding comes after four years of test marketing and product trials, which have yielded favorable reviews from horse and alpaca owners, breeders, veterinarians, zoos, publications, and educational institutions.

"In creating Hunt Club, we've created an entirely new product category and a win-win-win situation. It's a win for animals, for the people who own and care for them, and for the environment," says Carl V. Santoiemmo, president of Triple Crown Inc., an Ohio company that developed, manufactures and distributes the bedding.
Hunt Club bedding, U.S. and International Patent Pending, is manufactured from selected grades of corrugated material typically used for boxes, which is converted into small dimensional pieces that allow for separation of manure and bedding during the cleaning process. Air pockets in the corrugated material provide exceptional cushion for added comfort of the animal. Hunt Club bedding is virtually dust-free and offers superior odor control and moisture absorbency. It is treated with a safe, all-natural, non-toxic mineral that through the process of ionization, significantly reduces odors and unhealthy ammonia fumes.

The introduction of Hunt Club bedding comes at a crucial time when, due to downturns in the wood production market, supplies of wood shavings are dwindling and prices are rising. Unlike shavings and straw, the quality of Hunt Club bedding is also consistent, and future availability is certain.

The bedding is an especially good choice for animals affected by skin, eye, respiratory, and or orthopedic problems and for nursing mothers and newborns. "My experience has shown that Hunt Club bedding can play a significantly beneficial role in the treatment plan for various medical conditions," says Michael J. Odian, DVM, Eagle Wings Veterinary Clinic, Medina, Ohio. "Hunt Club bedding has no dust particles to aggravate pulmonary or ophthalmic problems. It is non-allergenic and non-clinging, and it provides a wonderful cushion for the animal to stand or lie on."

Equally appealing are the product's environmental advantages. Hunt Club bedding is created from selected grades of corrugated material that otherwise would be landfilled. In many geographic areas, regulations prohibit spreading wood shavings on fields, a problem that demands an environmentally acceptable solution. Used Hunt Club bedding can be safely spread on fields or recycled for plant fertilizer. The material degrades in the soil in as little as two weeks, compared to two years for wood shavings, and does not disrupt the important nitrogen balance in the soil.

Hunt Club bedding is more cost effective than other bedding materials for a number of reasons. Because Hunt Club bedding stays drier and odor-free longer, less bedding is removed and replaced on a daily basis. The time and labor required to maintain the stalls is reduced, and typically, waste disposal charges can be reduced or eliminated. Most important, Hunt Club bedding helps create a habitat that contributes to animals' overall good health.

Hunt Club bedding is sold in convenient four-cubic-foot, weatherproof poly bags and is available in truckload or less-than-truckload quantities. It can be ordered directly from Triple Crown Inc. and is also available at satellite distribution centers in the United States and Canada. For small animals, including dogs, birds, poultry, rabbits, reptiles, rodents and others, Hunt Club bedding is packaged in 24-ounce poly bags available at pet stores and other retailers.

For more product details or comments from Hunt Club users, visit our website, To place an order, contact a Hunt Club representative at 800-622-1862.


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