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Ekstein Ranked as the World's 38th Best Sire

According to a report just released by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH), Morningside Stud's stallion Ekstein is ranked as the world's 38th best sire for producing international Grand Prix showjumpers for 2001 - 2002. Ekstein is also the top sire standing in Ireland for producing the most offspring competing successfully in international Grand Prix classes.

Only two stallions currently standing in Ireland have made the list of the world's top 40 showjumping sires for 2001-2002: Touchdown (born 1982) is ranked 35th and Ekstein (born 1986) is ranked 38th. Whereas Touchdown has only two progeny that contributed to his ranking (Liscalgot at 18 and A Touch of Romance at 1180), Ekstein has four offspring in the exclusive list of the world's top international Grand Prix showjumpers (Joel at 56, King at 203, Kasmir at 317, and L'Unique at 1149). Another interesting fact is that the great progenitor Voltaire (born 1979 and therefore seven years older than Ekstein) is ranked 37th, just one position ahead of Ekstein.

Ekstein (Zion x Joost) is approved for life by the KWPN and the Irish Horse Board. He was Champion of the 1989 KWPN Stallion Performance Test and Champion 7-Year-Old KWPN Stallion Showjumper. His progeny have won the Dutch Showjumping Championship; European Junior Rider Championship Team Gold Medal; the European Young Rider Championship Individual Gold Medal, Individual Silver Medal, and Team Bronze Medal; the Belgian Classic Cycle
Championship; and the Gold Medal in the Samsung Nations Cup World Final. Three of Ekstein's progeny are competing in Nation's Cup competitions and four are
competing in World Cup competitions.

Progeny of Ekstein out of mares owned by Morningside Stud and its network of breeders throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland will be available for sale at the
Elite Auction on August 3. The auction will be held as part of Morningside Stud's 3rd International Breeders Conference on August 2 - 3, the weekend before the
Dublin Horse Show.



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Updated: October 2005.