Kerry Campbell from Maidenhead has always had a passion for horses and a keen eye for a good bargain! With this in mind Kerry had the idea at the end of last year to start a web site for local horse and pony owners in Bucks, Berks & Oxon.

“I wanted to create a web site that would not only be useful but hopefully save everyone time and money as well!” “Rather than trying to do everything all the time on the Internet nationally or world-wide, why not keep things closer to home and provide a service for local people?”

“I knew what kind of web site I wanted to try an provide and being a complete beginner in surfing the web myself! I wanted to keep it simple, consistent and easy to use!”

With this idea in mind Kerry had to find someone to help put her ideas into reality.

“I was horrified when I first starting talking to web design companies, with the thousands of pounds they wanted to charge me to produce my idea! I just didn’t have the money, but I am a great believer in where there is a will there is a way, so I thought I know I ‘ll do it myself!”

“So eventually after many, many hair pulling evenings in front of my computer, and thanks to Maidenhead Equine Artist Louise White for producing my logo! January this year was finally was launched!”

“The response I am getting is brilliant! Although the site has only been running since January, with no one really knowing about it yet, I am already getting nearly 300 hits a week, and with many emails congratulating me on the idea, it is certainly very encouraging!”

“ One of things people seem to like about the Tackswaps is they can advertise their horse or pony with a picture for FREE, infact anything can be advertised in the classifieds section for FREE!”

“Tackswaps also has an On-Line Auction (due to go live in the next few weeks!) which is a must for those of us that like a horsey bargain! I have also included a local what’s on and where which I thought would be helpful, A Tack Room Chat Forum, A Livery Yard Directory, A Local Services Directory and there are pages covering Cold/Magnetic Therapy for Equines, Canines & Humans! as well as pages on Therapy Books. All in all so far there are over 100 pages!”

“ I also want Tackswaps to be available for the non-internet user, as obviously we still use phones! So I am more than happy for people to telephone me with there adverts and I’ll do the rest for them!

If anyone would like any further information about Tackswaps please contact Kerry on 01628 624581 or click onto

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