How can we boost the Immune System of our Horses?


A few weeks ago a veterinarian surgeon approached me and wanted to communicate with me about Immunomodulation.

Well, quite a tongue twister I thought, but – interested as I am in the welfare of horses for over the past 30 years – I thought ‘this sounds very interesting’ and that it is. I am now here to tell you how much more we can do for our horses or pets and humans alike.

The product, which I am going to introduce to the world of horses, pets and humans, is called TRANSFER FACTOR or in other words, TRANSFER FACTOR is the main ingredient in a nutrional supplement.

TRANSFER FACTORS were discovered way back in 1949 by dialyzing leukozytes. When this dialyzed extract was taken from a donor resistant to a specific pathogen and injected into a naïve recipient, the resistance was transferred, thus the name TRANSFER FACTOR.

Less than 20 years ago it was realized that bovine colostrums (the first milk of the cow) contained not only antibodies to bovine diseases but a lot of non-species specific TRANSFER FACTORS.

When a mare gives birth to a foal it is important that the newly born receives its mother’s first milk – the colostrums. Through the colostrums the mother passes on immunity to the newly born.

In order to support this immune system TRANSFER FACTOR or TF is fed to horses old and young alike. TF supports the NK – natural killer cells against viral/bacterial/fungal invaders. It is responsible for better hoof growth, more energy and well-being. TF or TF+ is a natural product, it is neither a medication nor a vitamin/mineral product but a notional supplement boosting the immune system or bringing the overactive immune system into balance whilst promoting good bone, muscle, increasing the energy and stamina level just as TF would do for you and me.

A frequently asked question whether TF is effected by BSE because it is derived from the bovine colostrums, the answer is NO since the herd used for this product is kept on organically farmed fields and since lactating cows are not allowed by law to be fed any antibiotics it is free of any additives. The herds are regularly tested. The laws in the US are very strict.

Some case studies have shown tremendous improvement in horses, pets and humans who have had the chance of being fed with TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS.

A vet based in Florida wrote to me the following:

“This is a horse that is afflicted with Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. It foundered and its therapy is (was) being supervised by the University of Georgia Vet. Teaching Hospital. It has been only 4 weeks since the last Steroid injection. She is very brave to leave it off. If the blood count remains normal for the next four weeks we can begin to believe that we are helping the mare. I will write and tell Nan (horse owner) that the Stress Pack will not be required. Although it might be well to have one on hand. Presuming there are other horses involved. I think the problem has persisted for the better part of a year.

This was certainly a “salvage rescue” of this mare. All concerned (except Nan) advised Euthanasia. Nan has spent a fortune on the project (good thing she is a banker) I think the mare may eventually go back to work she has been given TF+ for 16 days and the Stress Pack for 13 days only, remarkable.

Nan wrote:” just a quick note to let you know how well the mare is doing. Overall condition is excellent, looks good, bright, and responsive. Eating well, pain is minimal. Did blood work X-mas Eve, particulars are Hg was 12.5, Hot was 34.9 and RBC were 7.46. The last steroid injection was 11/29. New Year’s eve blood work was even better: Hg was 12.6, Hct was 35.1 and RBC 7.54. This is completely opposite of the trend that we have experienced the last few months. By the time we were 3-4 wks out from the steroid injection the levels would start do drop. I started administering the Stress Pack on 12/18 and the last dose of that was New ear’s eve. I have started the TRANSFER FACTOR PERFORMANCE & SHOW on 1/1/02. I am giving the recommended dose of two scoops, although I am giving it all in the p.m.feed.

I can only attribute the improvement to the supplements you have recommended and my hope is that we have suppressed the immune system long enough that it is in the process of recovering.”

Another vet from Australia reported as follows: I have one very positive response in a King Charles spaniel with abdominal cancer in terms of improved well-being after one month on TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS as well as Mannatech products

Dr.Joe Rameakers, DVM writes: News: CUSHING’S and cats. This is a tumor at the base of the brain. What we have been able to do is drive back that tumour, the Disease affecting roughly 30% of horses and 10%- 20% of dogs with 1500 milligrams of Transfer Factor XF. No other drug can do that.

Dr. R.Bennet, an Infectious Disease Microbiologist had this to say during a conference: A lot of horses, dogs and cats are on thyroid medication. The greatest asset of all these products is thyroid function.

Health is a natural state of being and disease is a sign something is missing.

Some animals are immune couch potatoes, just as some people are. If you have a pedigree animal of any kind, you have an inbred animal. With inbred animals, one of the first things to go is genetic ability.

Take the Arabian horse. Some foals were born immune-deficient. They had no immune response. They died.

Other animals such as small dogs have chronic upper respiratory infections and asthma because of the inbreeding. We have created these as breeders. We now have the ability to combat some of these adverse influences of inbreeding and the environment with the supplement we have provided to the world with Patented TRANSFER FACTOR for Dogs, cats and Large Animals. There is nothing in the market place that comes near it. Only few supplements out there are immune enhancing.

EPM – 7-year-old horse (dressage – very valuable)

EMP affects the central nervous system. This horse had been through all the traditional treatments including Transfer Factor Plus, 6 caps. Daily. After we incorporated the new Equine Stress Pack, within five weeks this horse was working on his gait again. This is a good example of synergy where 1+1=3..

CUSHING’S HORSE (Dr.Bennett) Last year I had a schoolteacher who had taken her horse to everyone she could find to try and cure him. After one year she decided

to put him down when she got back from vacation. She came to me and said, this is the most amazing thing! He has his ears perked up and he wants to go riding’. That was in just ten days using Patented Transfer Factor. It has been a year now and they are still doing fine.


After 33 yrs of practice, I am convinced that most colics are the result of the intestines stopping because of imbalance of important bacteria’s.

I have virtually eliminated what I call “sand colic” in my area by using this supplement and maintaining the Ph of the bowl as well as maintaining the flora

.LAMENESS IN THE RIGHT HIP : horse 28 years old

This horse had been to the University of Davis and many other very good Veterinarians in our state. All the right tests were done and still no one could find the problem. They all said to rest it a year. The owner called me late and complained that this horse was urinating frequently when she saddled it. It was a lesson horse for dressage. The horse would urinate as she was going around the ring.

So, we ran a Cushing’s study on him. We found she was Pre-Cushing’s, so we put her on transfer factor forth tumour. She called about one month later and told me that the horse was sound. So, she stopped using the transfer factor and after 2 months, she came back with the horse lame again. She bought the entire equine treatment protocol and in ten days, he was traveling sound again and the Cushing’s syndrome totally gone.

This is one of the toughest diseases in veterinary medicine. We are actually able to push this tumour back at the base of the brain. We have app. 20 cases under study right now.

STRANGLES – is caused by strep. This is the horse version of strep throat. It is very contagious! Spread by horses touching nose to nose, drinking from the same trough etc. It destroys and turns lymph nodes to pus. This is very difficult to treat; you cannot get the antibiotics into these abscesses. No blood supply. That is often why antibiotics fail. Chronic infections are common. The animal never fully wins the battle, and this strep lives on in the lymph nodes. These chronic infections can come back years later as bastard strangles. This can affect the long-term athletic fitness and performance of the horse.

There is evidence that horses with strangles will never run or perform quite as well as horses that have never had strangles.


This trial involved a brood mare farm. 21 foals ranging from 5-6 mths of age. All were housed and fed as one group. (Perfect nursery environment). Vets observation upon start was that all foals had strangles to some degree. Antibiotics were not used. All horses were drenched for the first two days. Thereafter the stress pack was top-dressed on their feed. (they were group fed) Blood was drawn day 0 to day 10. First day of observation, all foals were sick, some had fever, not eating, swollen lymph nodes.

They were observed daily. By day 10-20 of the 21 foals had increased vigor, vitality and appetite. This disease usually lasts at least 3 weeks and has a high mortality rate. There were no signs of lymph node ruptures or drainage, which sometimes happens with this. Conclusion: length of the illness and severity were dramatically improved. Length of illness was 10 days vs. 21 days.

I shall be receiving another case study of one or two horses but in the meantime I will let you read testimonial given by Dr.S.Slagle, D.V.M.:

“I had a friend who, every time he flew out of the country, he came back sick. After the 4th or 5th time this happened, he decided to try TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS. The next time he flew out of the country, once again, 30 or more people on the tour came home sick, but this time he was not. So, we had him finally sold! – A few months later, his friend was having severe headaches and went to a specialist. During a CAT scan, they find a tumour behind his nose, in a very tricky place to get to. They did surgery and found it was one of the most deadly brain tumours known to man and grows extremely fast. Two months after the first CAT scan, he has another one done and the tumour had tripled in size.They were literally going to split his face in two to get to this tumour. He said as his surgeon was telling him what they were going to do, he was sweating, and this really made him nervous. I explained TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS to him. He decides he was only going to take one product at a time. This way he knew what was working or not working. I told him he needed to take nine plus a day. But, then he asked me how many I took daily and I told him two. He said OK I am going to take two. I told him I did not have cancer and he said it did not matter he was only taking two. I gave him a bottle that day. He had his third CAT scan, and this is what the doctor told him:”Frank, your tumour has made a drastic decrease in size and we don’t understand what is going on”. Now Frank is on no chemo, and no radiation. He had done nothing to change his diet. He says to the doctor “Oh!! My God THAT STUFF MY VET GAVE ME MUST BE WORKING” That is when the doctors started asking what he was taking and wanted more information. 4 weeks later I had heard nothing, so I call him up and his doctor had told him that his brain tumour had shrunk90% since the 1st CAT scan. Frank is clean today!!! NO CANCER and he takes 4 a day now!”

TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS has been on the medical market for 2 yrs now after 50 yrs research and 4 months on the veterinarian market. We are still collecting data from horse owners who have come to know about the product and will pass it on as soon as we receive it.

I feed my two 26-year-old mares with Equine TF Performance & Show to boost their immune system, which no doubt declines with age. These mares look like 4 year olds and are fit and well. One of them had had laminitis when 9 years old and 2 vets had recommended shooting her! Well with the 3rd vet and friend and the TRANSFER FACTOR now on my shelves this mare is rising 26 years this year!

My blind and diabetic little rough-haired dachshund had a tumour removed and was very lethargic. I have fed him with the TF Canine Complete for the past 3 weeks and he is like a young puppy, fit and well!

Although I pride myself of good health and fit I do take 2 capsules of TF+ daily to help my immune system to support the Killer Cells fighting any viral, bacterial or fungal invaders. I have even more energy now and feel less tired in the afternoon. My memory appears to have improved so well that I shall have to ‘go over to selective memory’.

We all take our cars for a service on a regular basis to keep it running well, we owe the same to our animals and our own systems.

There is nothing new under the sun but the old rediscovered.

Ingrid Khan

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