Driving a carriage and pair through all of Germany
Starting at EQUITANA 2001

They have taken on quite a lot, Messrs Herbert Delbos (63), Günther Busch (61) and Arnold Winkler (64): they intend to drive through all of Germany in a covered wagon drawn by the two Oldenburg black mares Waidfee and Waidgräfin. At the EQUITANA 2001 the pair of horses will be sent off officially on the carriage sport day (Tuesday, 6th March).

The idea for this covered wagon drive covering a distance of 2,400 kilometres and stopping at 51 points in Germany - incl. Berlin, Leipzig, Kreuth, Schwaiganger, Donaueschingen, Ludwigshafen and Würselen - was thought of back in 1989 during a tour with a one-horse carriage from Dülken (Rhineland ) to the Lüneberg Heath. The team started planning at the beginning of 1998. The 51 quarters were found quickly with the help of the national association of German riders FN (Fèdèration Equestre Nationale) and the individual regional associations. This tour, which is not particularly easy at an average of 48 kilometres a day , could not have been started without sponsors: Fahrsportkontor Wuppertal with manager Holger Rohlf built the new covered wagon and Fahrsport Lessing GmbH in Wiernsheim provided the complete harnesses.

And now to the horses: the black mare Waika already took part in the first marathon drive in the year 1985, the black stallion Wailux was harnessed in 1989. For the tour through Germany the carriage is to be drawn by the two black mares Waidfee and Waidgräfin. All these black horses with the Oldenburg brand are full siblings; their father is Waidmannsheil and their mother is Enkline, the old Oldenburg mare by Firnis. The Delbos family from Viersen-Dülken bought Waika and Enkline from the farmer Ernst Weerda in Wilhelmshaven in 1982 and then bred Wailux, Waidfee and Waidgräfin themselves. All four full siblings have won or been placed several times, both under the saddle and in front of the carriage. Waidfee and Waidgräfin have even won and been placed in the Cl. S one-horse carriage sport. The greatest level of attention has been devoted to training the two mares for quite some time now. "They must be top fit at the beginning of the drive", says Herbert Delbos. "That includes hoof care as the hooves will have to bear an enormous weight."

For information on the Germany tour call Fahrstall Delbos, Tel. 02162-55 23 1.

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