Are you the strongest link?!

When it comes to the horse world, do you know it all? Well now is your chance to prove it!

Young and old will have a hilarious and informative time with the 2nd edition of Pony Club Quiz Book. Over 1,000 questions are on offer on every equestrian theme. Subjects range from general horsemastership knowledge via horse and pony breeds to the horse in history, war, folklore, literature, music and art.

The whole spectrum of equestrian sport is represented: everything from racing to Pony Club mounted games, reining, and carriage driving. Like its predecessor, this book is designed to test the memory of Pony Club members and non-members alike, whatever their involvement in the horse and pony world.

Those who are not interested in actually taking part in quizzes will still find it an absorbing, informative and entertaining book to dip into again and again.

To aid organisers of quiz evenings, each of the book’s 10 sections is divided into four degrees of difficulty. The easy questions are particularly suitable for the young and less knowledgeable, while more experienced horse enthusiasts should have fun tackling the less easy and more difficult categories.

Finally there is an intriguing assortment of ‘brainbusters,’ guaranteed to test the little grey cells of even the most dedicated quiz contestant. Following the popular modern style, the majority of questions have multiple-choice answers.

Pony Club Quiz Book no.2, is available from all good equestrian bookshops priced £7.95 or direct from The Pony Club at £5.95 for members.

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Updated: October 2005.