The Best of British!
Baileys are showing their support for British growers by sourcing the latest edition to their stable entirely in this Country. Baileys Best British Oats are carefully selected, top quality oats of varieties that will be grown specifically for them. They are thoroughly cleaned, clipped and dust extracted before being lightly bruised and packaged in 20kg “Union Jack” bags. “The oats are bright and plump with a good bushel weight,” says Baileys MD and stud owner, Paul Venner. “The nutrient content is excellent and I am delighted to have found all this in British-grown oats rather than having to buy in from abroad.”

Oats have been a favourite feed for horses for hundreds of years and continue to be the preferred source of carbohydrate energy chosen by horsemen the world over. With advances in technology and an increasing understanding of equine nutrition, we now have many alternatives to oats but have also developed complementary products to feed alongside them so that the horse receives a fully balanced diet. Baileys Oat Balancer Mix is one of the most popular of these so it seemed only right for Baileys to introduce Best British Oats to make the perfect partnership.

Whilst oats are an excellent source of energy for horses in medium to hard work, they are deficient in some nutrients. “Conventional” coarse mixes are fully balanced rations in their own right, but Baileys Oat Balancer Mix is more concentrated and is specially formulated to complement oats. It is higher in protein with appropriate vitamin and mineral levels, as well as having a high oil content as a further, glycogen sparing, energy source. “Oat Balancer Mix is ideal for racehorses and performance horses but for those who are feeding oats to horses at stud or in less work, Buckeye Gro' N Win and Baileys Lo-Cal are also perfect accompaniments,” suggests Liz Bulbrook, Senior Nutritionist at Baileys. “Simply adding oats to what you are currently feeding can throw the whole ration out of balance,” she advises.

The technical equipment, necessary for cleaning and preparing the oats, has been specially installed by Baileys and fine-tuned to ensure that the highest possible standards are attained. Lightly Bruised Best British Oats are available immediately whilst Whole Oats and Crushed Oats will be available shortly.

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