The "PINTALOOSA" of ISHR Association

The "Pintaloosa" has been added to the branches of the International Spotted Horse Registry. There are more and more of these "double spotted" equines coming into view everyday and ISHR has recognized the need for these beautiful equines to have a place where they will be noticed and recognized for their extra beauty and spots! The Pintaloosa pictured is of "EASY TO SPOT" just one of the Pintaloosas registered with ISHR. The owner is Irene Wiederhold of Ft. Myers, Florida.


Class A Type horse must possess BOTH characteristic color patterns of the Pinto AND Appaloosa. (Proof of parentage not required.)

Class B Type Proof of parentage is required for this Class type only - horse that shows only one (1) color pattern characteristic of either the Pinto or Appaloosa, but the parentage of the horse is Pinto and Appaloosa or Pintaloosa.

(example: a registered Class A Pintaloosa stallion is breed to a QH solid mare and the foal is born with only one color pattern type, this foal would be classified as a Class B type or if bred to a any spotted horse or another Pintaloosa)

(if a foal is born of a solid color, it can be put into the CPI program - "Certified Parentage Identification", one parent must be registered with ISHR. This is not a registration, but rather a certification of the hereitage it it possesses.)

Class C Type If horse is of only one color pattern, but it is known (but can't be proved) that the sire and dam were Pinto and Appaloosa or Pintaloosa, then the horse will receive this classification. (or if the owner chooses, depending on the color markings, the horse can be registered as a Patchwork Paint or an Appaloosa)

Height: horse- must mature over 13.2h, pony- mature not over 13.2h, miniature- not to exceed 38 inches.

Photographs: 2 are required - one of each side with at least one picture with the head facing towards the camera.

Application: fill out as accurately as possible.

Registration Fee: $20.00 -- $25.00 if no membership is wanted

Membership Fee: $10.00 Annually (includes all immediate family members in same household) $100.00 Lifetime (includes all immediate family members in same household PLUS 1 (one) Free Registration PLUS free newsletter for life! (If you do not desire a membership - it is not mandatory, but the registration fee is slightly higher as indicated above)

**FEES: all monies must be paid in U.S. Currency Funds ONLY! (example: if a check is written from someone in Canada, they must also print above the money line "U.S. Funds" or next to the amount box)

**NOTICE: for registration application, go to the link for Patchwork Paint Applications. For membership application see link. If you have a printer you can print these applications out. Or email the office and they can be sent to you via snail mail.

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