Strongid-P, the nation's favourite wormer, is offering livery yards, studs, riding schools or any stables where horses are kept, an additional reason to double dose horses in April, the ideal time for the Spring treatment of tapeworm. Strongid-P are giving away Robinson First Aid Kits and you can choose from two kits, depending on the number of empty sachets and/or paste box tops that you collect.

The offer works on a points system with 1 earned for every empty packet of granules and 2 points for every syringe box top. For example treating only 8 horses with Strongid-P paste will earn a regular sized first aid kit (RRP = in excess of £25) while treating 16 horses will earn enough points for a large kit (RRP= in excess of £50) .

Each kit contains Animalintex, Veterinary Gamgee, Skintact, Equiwrap, Koolpak, Zinc Oxide tape, Orthopeadic padding, Thermometer and Scissors. The larger kit also contains Animalintex Hoof treatment, Vetcare cotton wool and Flexoplast.

As many as 8 out of 10 horses carry tapeworm, that may be up to 80% of the horses in your yard.By treating all your horses with Strongid-P that share pasture and stables on Spring Double Dose Day, you will be ensuring that they are protected and help prevent any spread of this parasite.Strongid-P is the market leader in tapeworm control and contains the only active ingredient that is licensed for this purpose.

Look out for the information pack coming in the post to your stables or pop into your local Strongid-P stockist and collect the leaflet that will give you details of how to get a pack.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Closing date for offer is 31st July 2001. Offer subject to availablity. Please allow 28 days for delivery. There is no cash alternative. Pfizer does not give any warrenty as to the quality or fitness for purpose of the items contained in this offer. Any defects or other problems experienced with first aid kits should be address directly to the supplier. Pfizer reserves the right to amend, terminate or modify this offer without further notice.

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