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New Arrival At HorseWorld

HorseWorld, the visitor centre of the Friends of Bristol Horses Society - one of Britain's largest charitable equine rescue centre and retirement homes, has had a new arrival in the shape of a miniature Shetland pony foal last night.

Jenny, the foal's mother, had been abandoned along with three other ponies and found just south of Leicester. Following a joint rescue operation involving the Leicestershire Police and HAPPA (Horse and Pony Protection Association) two of the ponies were brought to the Friends of Bristol Horses Society to be cared for. Jenny was in very poor condition and as well as being pregnant was crawling with lice and had very overgrown feet. Following a period of isolation Jenny was transferred to HorseWorld just before Easter where the staff have been waiting for her to give birth.

Commented HorseWorld centre manager Chris Kemp. "We have been on tender hooks for several weeks waiting for Jenny to give birth, because she was rescued we had no idea as to when she was due to foal. Despite her previous neglect Jenny has a very trusting nature and has been a huge hit with the visitors during the Easter holidays. This is the first foal to born at HorseWorld and we are all very excited"

Visitors can see Jenny and her new foal at HorseWorld, which is open every day and can be found on Staunton Lane, just off the A37 at Whitchurch near Bristol. The visitor centre is open daily from 10am. Further information about the visitor centre, can be obtained by visiting our web site at www.horseworld.org.uk or by telephoning 01275 540173.

Formed 50 years ago to provide shelter and retirement for working horses that had fallen victim to industrial mechanisation the Friends of Bristol Horses Society is know home to over 220 horses, ponies and donkeys. As well as the opportunity to meet nearly 40 of the rescued horses, ponies and donkeys a whole host of other attractions at HorseWorld include an interactive "Exhibition of the Horse" and "Heritage Tack Museum", a film presentation of the societies work, horse presentations, children's play area, "Noah's Ark" companion animals, nature trail, picnic area, restaurant and tearoom, plus gift shop.

Located in a group of beautiful listed Mendip stone farm buildings, dating back to the early nineteenth century, Staunton Manor Farm has been carefully restored to its former glory and brought back to use to give HorseWorld a wide range of modern facilities, while still retaining the character and splendour of a friendly yet authentic rural environment with a charming and peaceful atmosphere.

HorseWorld is the visitor centre of The Friends of Bristol Horses Society
Registered Equine Charity no. 206749


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Updated: October 2005.