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Featured Article: Passports, Disease Surveillance and Breeding: A Consultative Paper For The Equestrian Industry Available At www.bef.co.uk

20th April 2002

New Arrival At HorseWorld
HorseWorld, the visitor centre of the Friends of Bristol Horses Society - one of Britain's largest charitable equine rescue centre and retirement homes, has had a new arrival in the shape of a miniature Shetland pony foal last night.

Jenny, the foal's mother, had been abandoned along with three other ponies and found just south of Leicester. Following a joint rescue operation involving the Leicestershire Police and HAPPA (Horse and Pony Protection Association) two of the ponies were brought to the Friends of Bristol Horses Society to be cared for. Jenny was in very poor condition and as well as being pregnant was crawling with lice and had very overgrown feet. Following a period of isolation Jenny was transferred to HorseWorld just before Easter where the staff have been waiting for her to give birth.
Commented HorseWorld centre manager Chris Kemp. "We have been on tender hooks for several weeks waiting for Jenny to give birth, because she was rescued we had no idea as to when she was due to foal. Despite her previous neglect Jenny has a very trusting nature and has been a huge hit with the visitors during the Easter holidays. This is the first foal to born at HorseWorld and we are all very excited"
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20th April 2002
American Vaulters Declare Intent For World Equestrian Games Consideration
Applications from 24 individual vaulters have been filed with the USA Equestrian Vaulting Committee Liaison for consideration in the selection process for World Equestrian Games IV (WEG IV). WEG IV will be held September 10-22 in Jerez, Spain with the vaulting portion of the competition September 12-15.
The selection period for American vaulters will end June 9, 2002 and shortly following that the Vaulting Committee of USA Equestrian will name the three individual men, three individual females and one team eligible to enter the international event.
Consideration has been requested by four American Vaulting Teams. Eight vaulters and four alternates are named to each team. Only one of those teams will be named to represent the United States and earn the title "Team USA". The final vaulting contingent will consist of one team of eight vaulters, 6 individual vaulters, and the selected vaulting horses.
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20th April 2002

Five-Time Olympian Bruce Davidson Leads After Dressage Phase At MBNA Foxhall Cup
Tina Konyot Wins Grand Prix Dressage Competition

ATLANTA (April 19, 2002) -Five-time U.S. Olympic veteran Bruce Davidson of Unionville, PA and his mount Welton Tangle held their lead after the completion of the dressage phase of the 2002 MBNA Foxhall Cup, the National Championship of Eventing, at Foxhall Farm just outside Atlanta, GA.
Davidson competed his 11-year-old British Thoroughbred owned by Amy Ruth DeWind of Unionville, PA, on Thursday's opening day and he received a score of 47.21 penalties from the panel of three judges. Despite a record field of 99 horses, Davidson's lead held up through Friday's second half of the dressage phase.
In the Grand Prix dressage competition being contested in conjunction with the MBNA Foxhall Cup, Tina Konyot of Palm City, FL rode her horse Abrikos to first place, receiving a score of 67.600% from the three-judge panel of Marianne Ludwig, Lorraine MacDonald and Brenda Minor.
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20th April 2002

Top Riders Create Impressive Lineup At Garden State
AUGUSTA, NJ—April 19, 2002— The Garden State Horse Show has all the components of a high caliber equestrian competition – a great venue at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ; carefully chosen officials; and of course, top athletes. This year’s show, held May 1-5 is once again anticipating some of the country’s best show jumping riders to grace the show grounds. The expected lineup of United States Equestrian Team veterans is sure to make the $50,000 Garden State Grand Prix held on Saturday, May 4, one of the most exciting events of the year.
Some of the riders expected to compete include Anne Kursinski of Flemington, NJ. Kursinski was a member or alternate member of four consecutive U.S. Olympic teams, including the 1988 Seoul and 1996 Atlanta squads that each won a team Silver Medal. In 1998 she became the first American and first woman rider to win the $450,000 Pulsar Crown Grand Prix in Monterrey, Mexico. Kursinski is also a four-time winner of the American Gold Cup, and in 1983 she won the individual and team Gold Medals in the Caracas, Venezuela Pan-American Games
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20th April 2002

Show Jumping Result: CSIP-A Fontainbleu France 19-21 April 2002
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20th April 2002

Irish Participation In International Equestrian Events
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19th April 2002
Passports, Disease Surveillance and Breeding:
A Consultative Paper For The Equestrian Industry Available At www.bef.co.uk
Since the Minister for Rural Affairs, The Rt Hon Alun Michael, made his statement on 14 February 2002, regarding the Government's wish for all horses to have passports and for a Disease Surveillance database to be established, there has been a great deal of speculation about the outcome. In particular concerns have been expressed about the costs of such passports and the imposition of more bureaucracy upon the equine industry.
The BEF offered to lead an industry team to develop a plan for the Minister's consideration to avoid:
" excessive cost to owners
" an excess of bureaucracy
" duplication in management effort
" unnecessary additional databases.
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19th April 2002

Five-Time Olympian Bruce Davidson Takes Opening Day Lead At MBNA Foxhall Cup

ATLANTA (April 18, 2002) -Five-time U.S. Olympic veteran Bruce Davidson of Unionville, PA rode Welton Tangle to the best score on the first day of dressage at the 2002 MBNA Foxhall Cup, the National Championship of Eventing, at Foxhall Farm just outside Atlanta, GA.
Established in 2000 by Jim Richards, the MBNA Foxhall Cup is a three-star level eventing competition designated by USA Equestrian as the National Championship of Eventing and by the U.S. Equestrian Team (USET) as its three-star Spring Championship. The title sponsor of this event is the MBNA America Bank. The MBNA Foxhall Cup donates proceeds to Shepherd Center, an Atlanta based catastrophic care hospital that treats individuals with acquired brain and spinal cord injuries.
Davison was the ninth entry of the record 99 in the starting field. Riding his 11-year-old British Thoroughbred owned by Amy Ruth DeWind of Unionville, PA, he received a score of 47.20 penalties from the panel of three judges. He then watched as the day's remaining 42 entries failed to beat his score.
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19th April 2002
HITS Tahoe Charity Partners Benefit From Horse Show Ticket Sales
SAUGERTIES, NY (April 15, 2002)--Horse Shows In The Sun is presenting the HITS Tahoe Circuit, a four-week hunter/jumper horse show, from June 26 to July 21, in Minden, Nevada. For the third consecutive year, the HITS Tahoe Circuit is again working with local charities that will benefit from ticket sales. HITS Tahoe horse shows will be held Wednesday through Sunday with free admission every day except Sunday, when adults pay $5 each to see the featured event, the $25,000 Grand Prix. The proceeds are donated to the charities that have partnered with HITS since the inception of the HITS Tahoe Circuit. For the third year in a row five Carson Valley charities will each receive a check for their participation. In addition to a percentage of the total gate, the five charities will also be allowed to keep all of the money for tickets sold before the show.
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19th April 2002

The Hampton Classic Horse Show Returns
Bridgehampton, NY-April 17, 2002-The annual Hampton Classic Horse Show, one of the nation's premier show jumping competitions, returns to Bridgehampton, NY for its 27th year on August 25 - September 1. The Classic, which benefits the Southampton Hospital, hosts exciting hunter/jumper competition from junior levels up to the pinnacle of the sport, grand prix show jumping.
First Rate Equestrian Competition
The top riders of the sport, including Olympic medalists and World Cup winners, will compete in Friday's $30,000 Adequan Fiesta Day Grand Prix, a prelude to the grand finale of the horse show-the $150,000 Prudential Financial Grand Prix. The $30,000 Adequan Grand Prix, one of 10 classes held on the East Coast that determine which show jumpers qualify for the following April's World Cup Final, will also determine the top thirty riders who get to compete in Sunday's Grand Prix.
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18th April 2002

Online Horse Quotes Launched with Fantastic Prize Draw
(Sorry, UK residents only)
To celebrate the launch of online quoting for horse owner and horse rider insurance, from one of the UK's leading equine insurers, NFU Mutual is giving away 200 reflective safety tabards to visitors who obtain a quote online at nfumutual.co.uk.
At NFU Mutual our online quotation service not only provides an immediate and hassle free means of establishing the cost and benefits of equine insurance, you can also pay for cover with our secure online payment process for instant protection.
So whether you own your own horse or just ride other peoples horses get a quote online without delay and you could be one of our lucky winners. Please click here to enter

18th April 2002
Time To Take Cover.
Horse riding is a rapidly growing leisure activity and it is estimated that there are over two and a half million people who ride in the UK alone. Despite its obvious appeal, riding or handling a horse is not without risk and although most accidents or falls result in minor cuts & bruises, more serious injuries are certainly not uncommon.
One of the UK's leading equine insurers, NFU Mutual, is concerned that many of the children and adults who ride, but do not own their own horse, may not have adequate insurance cover in place, relying instead on the insurance of a riding establishment.
In addition to taking lessons or joining an organised hack from a riding school, many riders may also ride a friend's horse once or twice a week, or even borrow it to take to a show. In these situations, if the horse is injured or causes a car accident or damage to someone else's property, the owner may hold the rider responsible. Additionally, if the rider sustains a serious injury and no personal accident cover is in place, they will not be able to claim.
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18th April 2002
Jerez hold its 'Horse Fair 2002' five months before WEG

The 2002 Horse Fair edition, from 4th to 15th of May, is the most important horse event before the World Equestrian Games 2002, that will be hold on September in Jerez, Spain
(Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - april 2002).- The Horse Fair 2002, which is especially emblematic to this city, is marked by the proximity of the World Equestrian Games. This great event will take place from 10th to 22nd September. However, the city has already begun to transmit in each event the enthusiasm which predominates with regard to the equestrian games. The Horse Fair is one of those events in which Jerez confirms its equestrian vocation and which constitutes a proof of the proximity of the WEG and of their presence in the feelings of the people of Jerez.

The Horse Fair maintains its affable and elegant character in this year's edition but at the same time looks towards the future and holds the criterion of constant renewal which has been applied in recent times. Thus, after last year's great reorganization, the space in which the Fair takes place is growing together with the services offered and all the concepts and decorative elements which make the Horse Fair a unique event.
Horses are the protagonists of this Fair whose origins date back to the reign of Alfonso X the Wise. From the wide programme of equestrian competitions to the procession of riders and carriages along the promenades of the Fair, this noble animal is the object of admiration of those who observe it. The origins of the equestrian tradition in Jerez are lost in time. Nowadays this tradition is very deep-rooted among the people of Jerez and it is evident in the multiple institutions of Jerez: The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, the Studfarm "La Cartuja", the Military stud and the Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2.
Every year Jerez presents the "Caballo de Oro" award in recognition to those who safeguard the purity of the equine breeds and the diffusion of equestrian sport and the horse in general. This year the prize will be awarded to the Faculty of Veterinary of Córdoba.
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18th April 2002
Fleas Away!!
Tired of using chemical upon chemical on your pets to keeps fleas at bay. Well, Fleas Away!! can help the natural way. Fleas Away!! is a totally natural oil mix specially formulated to help keep your pet's skin and fur healthy, soft and in excellent condition, sooth and repair skin ailments, repel fleas, ticks and most parasites and relax and calm your pet. Simply add to your shampoo before use.
And if that's not enough, it is also suggested that the Neem oil used in Fleas Away!! not only has repellent properties but affects the reproductive system of most parasites so, if fleas do get onto your pets and feed off the neem, any eggs they lay will probably never hatch, thereby breaking the reproductive cycle of the flea, naturally.
Fleas Away!! special introductory offer available - Please click here for further details
18th April 2002

BETA To Represent Industry At The Royal Show
THE British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has been invited to represent the equestrian industry at the Royal Show.
The show takes place on July 1 to 4 at the National Agricultural Centre, Warwickshire and brings together all aspects of the equestrian and agricultural world.
BETA will represent the industry as part of the International Pavilion and will be on hand to give advice to overseas visitors to the show while also advising British-based companies looking to export their products and services.
"We are very much looking forward to acting on behalf of the industry at the Royal Show. The opportunity to exhibit in the International Pavilion provides us with the ideal platform to highlight the quality of British manufactured and designed products and the innovation and development that is occurring in the sector," said BETA Chief Executive and Secretary Claire Williams.
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18th April 2002

Hoofprints in the Sand Wild Horses of the Atlantic Coast
Lexington, KY (April 17, 2002) Eclipse Press announces the publication of Hoofprints in the Sand: Wild Horses of the Atlantic Coast.
Many theories surround the origins of the wild horses that inhabit the barrier islands of the Eastern seaboard. Did they swim ashore from ships that sunk en route from Spain to the New World? Were they left behind by early settlers to eke out a tenuous existence in harsh environs? In Hoofprints in the Sand, Bonnie S. Urquhart investigates how these wild herds came to populate islands off the coasts of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.
Urquhart uncovers the diverse ancestry of these horses. They contain the blood of Spanish stock Jennets and Barbs brought to the New World by conquistadors and explorers as well as the blood of breeds developed by Colonial Americans.
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18th April 2002
Details of latest equestrian crime in the South Yorkshire area
17th April 2002
Tack thefts from Ulley, from Stables at Ecclesfield, Sheffield, from Catcliffe, between 04/05.04.02, from Wales, South Yorkshire, between 18/19.03.02, from Ecclesfield, Sheffield between 17/18.03.02.
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17th April 2002
Tufts University Vet School Forum Will Compare Risks and Benefits of Barefoot Hoofcare Methods
North Grafton, Massachusetts (USA) -- Tufts University's School of Veterinary Medicine's Hospital for Large Animals has joined forces with the Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy to prepare a forum that will be the first of its kind in the world: "HOOFCARE FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM: Exploring the Strasser Method." Medical, ethical, practical, and philosophical aspects of hoofcare choices will be examined.
On May 4-5, 2002, an expert panel of veterinarians and farriers, chaired by Dr. Carl Kirker-Head of Tufts, will discuss and evaluate information presented at the symposium by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, a German veterinarian, plus many other hoofcare researchers and practitioners. Farriers, veterinarians, researchers and hoofcare specialists are invited to attend as audience participants.
Panelists include (in addition to Strasser and Kirker-Head) farrier/veterinarian Tia Nelson of Montana, who is a specialist in the four-point style of barefoot trimming, and Judith Shoemaker of Pennsylvania, an outspoken holistic practitioner who specializes in rehabilitation of sport horses, often using "radical-breakover" shoeing to relieve lameness or hoof imbalance.
By examining options, and participating in open discussions, the panel will strive to 'debunk the myths' of both traditional and alternative hoofcare, with special attention to navicular disease and laminitis.
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17th April 2002
Federation Equestre Internationale News
15 April 2002
FEI General Assembly Preview Some 75 National Federations have announced their participation in the 2002 General Assembly of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). It will be hosted by the Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports. It is the first time that an FEI General Assembly is held on the African continent.
Olympic Scholarships For Athletes "Athens 2004" The programme of Olympic Scholarship for Athletes “Athens 2004” has been developed by Olympic Solidarity with the principle objective of assisting athletes nominated by their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in their preparation and qualification for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, Athens 2004.
WEG 2002 Update Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain have accepted to preside the Opening Ceremony of the World Equestrian Games on 10 September 2002 in Jerez de la Frontera. www.jerez2002weg.com, with its recent change of look, design and with updated contents, was conceived and developed so that any user, from anywhere in the world, can find everything is needed to plan and organize a visit, next September, to Jerez de la Frontera.
First Season Of The FEI World Cup Driving Ended In Goeteborg (Swe)
The last competition of the newly introduced World Cup Driving was held in Göteborg. Michael Freud (GER) who already won two competitions in Stuttgart and Bordeaux also won in Göteborg and therefore became the first undisputed World Cup Champion 2002.
FEI Group IX Meeting The second group meeting since its formation in 2000 was held at Kyalami in South Africa on Saturday 16th March.
Delegates representing nine of the twelve Group countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Mauritius, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe attended. They were joined by an observer from Lesotho who have made application to join FEI. The meeting was chaired by Group Chairman, Ernst Holtz, and attended by Dr. Bo Helander, FEI Secretary General. The National Olympic Committee of South Africa again contributed to the cost of the conference centre and accommodation of the participants.
World Cup Jumping : Situation In The Leagues In the 2001 / 2002 season there are 12 Leagues in the FEI World Cup Jumping.
All Leagues have ended their qualifications: Central Europe, Central Asia, Canada, South Africa, South East Asia, Japan, South America, Australia, New Zealand, USA West Coast, USA East Coast and Western Europe
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17th April 2002
BHS Warns Of Dangers Of Grass Cuttings
With the spring grass beginning to grow gardeners are once again mowing their lawns.
The British Horse Society is appealing to gardeners not to dispose of cuttings where equines can eat them. A pile of grass clippings is very attractive to horses, ponies and donkeys but once eaten can prove fatal. Eating grass clippings can cause colic, and if the grass begins to ferment it can cause a lethal build up of gasses within the gut. This causes the animal severe pain and damage to the digestive system, resulting in a horrible death.
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17th April 2002
HOYS to Host Young Horse Evaluation Championships
HOYS organisers Grandstand Media announced today that this year's Horse of the Year Show (NEC Arena, Birmingham 9th - 13th October) will host the South Essex Insurance Brokers /BEF Young Horse Evaluation Series Championships.
The series is aimed at identifying horses with the potential to provide leading British Riders with British-bred horses capable of winning medals at future Olympics and other top International Events and to provide information on the most successful sport horse bloodlines available in the UK.
The Championship is the culmination of seven qualifying evaluation days, assessing four year-old horses registered with recognised British Breed Societies.
Grandstand Media director Mike Gill commented: "It is very fitting that the Horse of the Year Show will be hosting this championship. The series is designed to discover the horses that will go on to win medals at major competitions and on the final night of the show we honour all the British medal winners from all equestrian disciplines. We hope that we can play our part in the positive future of British equestrian sport by providing the platform to discover the horses that will give British riders the international success which is needed to encourage growing participation at grass roots level."
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17th April 2002
www.horsequest.co.uk Introduces THE FOALING CRISIS BUREAU
Bringing "Mums" & "Babies" Together

Supported by the Equine Veterinary Hospital, Arundel 
A free advertising service for breeders with Orphan Foals or prospective Foster Mares. 
With the stud season upon us, sadly many breeders will have the misfortune to lose a mare or foal.    
Through personal experience, we at Horsequest understand that rapidity of action is vital when faced with an orphan foal. The Foaling Crisis Bureau offers a rapid way of reaching a large number of potentially relevent people and is another avenue in the search for a foster Mum during a crucial time. It is a fast service - details can go on-line within 2 hours - which costs nothing and could mean the difference between bottle feeding & natural rearing We hope that breeders will use the Foaling Crisis Bureau not just for orphans but will offer their mares as foster mothers. The page also supplies notes on foaling, care of the in-foal mare and new born foal
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17th April 2002
USA Equestrian Announces National Hunter Breeding Championship
The inaugural Sallie B. Wheeler/USA National Hunter Breeding Championship will be held August 31, 2002 in conjunction with the Warrenton Horse Show in Warrenton, Virginia. Classes will be offered for yearling colts and fillies, two-year-old colts and fillies, three-year-old colts and fillies and Best Young Horse. The winner will be awarded the Dave Kelley Perpetual Trophy and will be named USA National Hunter Breeding Champion. The Belcort Farm Perpetual Trophy will be presented to the leading handler of the day, and the J. Arthur Reynolds Perpetual Trophy will be presented to the breeder of the grand champion.
Any horse one year to three years of age in accordance with Article 108 of the 2002 USA Equestrian Rule Book, that is in good standing and recorded with the USA Equestrian, and whose owner is in good standing and recorded with USA Equestrian, may enter. A panel of three judges, Rick Abbott, Jack Towell, and Rodney Jenkins will adjudicate the classes in traditional breeding style.
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17th April 2002

Luxury Resort Equinox Becomes a Grand Prix Sponsor of the Vermont Summer Festival
East Dorset, Vermont, April 16, 2002 - The Equinox Hotel, a four diamond resort in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains, has joined forces with the Vermont Summer Festival in becoming a Grand Prix Sponsor of the five week long event to be held at the Harold Beebe Farm in East Dorset, Vermont, July 10 through August 11, 2002.
"The Equinox Hotel is a quintessential historic property, with the staff and services of the finest resort and I believe that many of our exhibitors will find it to be one of the best reasons to add the Vermont Summer Festival to their summer circuit" stated Dotty Ammerman, Vermont Summer Festival Executive Director. "We are excited to be partnering with this fine property and are pleased that the Equinox is rolling out the red carpet for our clients."
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17th April 2002
USA Equestrian Announces Proposed Additions To Calendar
The USA Equestrian Eventing Committee proposes adding two CIC-W*** to the calendar beginning in the spring of 2003. These will be the U.S. qualifiers for the Eventing World Cup final, which is planned for October 2003 in France. One competition is proposed for the East and the other for the West. These competitions will be held between March 1, 2003 and August 31, 2003.
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17th April 2002
USA Equestrian Accepting Bids To Host New CCI****
The USA Equestrian Eventing Committee proposes the addition of a second four-star, three-day event to be held in the fall of 2005. The United States already hosts one of the four annual CCI**** offered throughout the world. The Rolex CCI**** is held in the spring at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. The level of quality of this competition is what the Eventing Committee is hoping to replicate in the new Fall CCI****. All bids are welcome and will not be restricted to existing competitions.
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17th April 2002
USA Equestrian Accepting Bids To Host New CH**
The USA Equestrian Eventing Committee proposes adding a CH** for seniors to the eventing calendar beginning in the fall of 2003. This competition will be an annual International Championship with invitations to Canada, Mexico and South America. All bids are welcome and will not be restricted to existing competitions.
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17th April 2002
Horse Racing’s Greatest Rivalry
Lexington, KY April, 2002 Eclipse Press announces the publication of Affirmed and Alydar, the fifteenth title in the Thoroughbred Legends series.
The greatest rivalry in modern racing history began with little fanfare on June 15, 1977. The more experienced Affirmed defeated Alydar, who was making his racing debut in the Youthful Stakes at Belmont Park. In nine subsequent meetings, Affirmed got the better of Alydar six times, often by just inches.
Their meetings, especially during the Triple Crown season of 1978, became the stuff of racing lore. Affirmed claimed the Triple Crown, but Alydar tested him to the limits each time in stirring stretch drives that left onlookers limp. Indeed, many racing historians consider their Belmont Stakes to be the greatest race of the 20th century.
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16th April 2002

EQUITANA Brisbane, 16-24 November 2002
April News Update

1. Monty Roberts to appear at EQUITANA Brisbane
Definitive Events is excited to announce that renowned horse trainer, Monty Roberts, will be a special guest at EQUITANA Brisbane in November. onty is a well-known figure in the equine world, having written 3 best-selling books and educating hundreds of thousands of people about his popular training
techniques. Queen Elizabeth was so impressed that in 1989 she commissioned him to come to Windsor Castle and train 16 cavalry horses. Since then, Monty has continued to win widespread fame and popularity towards his teachings, especially his deep-rooted philosophy of creating a "better world for horses and humans".

2. CDI - W Dressage Competition confirmed
EQUITANA Brisbane is set to host a CDI - W Dressage World Cup qualifying event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of November. Australia's top Dressage riders will compete for World Cup points in Australia's best international indoor arena, right in the heart of Brisbane.

3. Exhibition Space at EQUITANA
The response for exhibition space at EQUITANA Brisbane has been overwhelming. Over 50% of space has already been sold.
4. Insurance - What can be done?
EQUITANA has received a lot of enquiries about insurance and would like to advise of the following meeting being organised by the Australian Horse Industry Council on Friday 19th April in Melbourne.
5. Mane Event 2001 Videos for Sale
Relive all the excitement, drama, action, fun and entertainment of the MANE EVENT 2001 - Dancing With Horses.This fantastic keepsake of the equine entertainment spectacular of the year can be yours for only $21.95 plus postage and handling.
6. Privacy Policy
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16th April 2002
Equus Success
Equus 2002 attracted 20,185 visitors during the 4 days and 3 evenings of the event, an increase of nearly 10% on last year. With bright sunshine all week and media attention focused on the activities surrounding the funeral of The Queen Mother, some wondered if visitors would stay away. But they need not have worried and on Thursday morning a queue formed as visitors waited for the show to open.
"We are delighted that the show has attracted so many people again this year. Equus 2002 has been a great success and a number of trade stands have already signed up for next year," said Event Director, Sarah Cartwright.
Richard Dunwoody and ILPH Bob The Cob opened the show before Richard took to the saddle in a display of arena polo. "I would like to play more polo and it helps keep me fit," he said. "I am running in the London Marathon next week in aid of SPARKS, before embarking on an arctic expedition, also in aid of charity."
Bob The Cob, equine ambassador for the International League for the Protection of Horses, is a 4 yr old and until now had only been trained to lead in hand. He was introduced to saddle and bridle and backed for the first time by specialist horse trainer, Michael Peace, during his demonstration in the main arena. Later, Bob launched the ILPH 75th Anniversary Celebrations with a special equine carrot cake.

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16th April 2002
Land Rover to sponsor Royal Windsor Horse Show
Land Rover, manufacturer of ‘the best 4x4 by far’ has confirmed its sponsorship of Britain’s biggest horse show, Royal Windsor 15th – 19th May 2002.
Vehicle sponsor of Royal Windsor Horse Show for the past 14 years, Land Rover has extended its long-term commitment to the show with the sponsorship of the prestigious International Driving Grand Prix. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh has been a regular competitor in the International Driving Grand Prix and will compete again this year.
As well as providing a prime profile raising opportunity, the agreement will give Land Rover the exciting chance to remodel and customise some of the eight hazards making up section E of the Driving Marathon in Home Park Private.
Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix Made Simple!
The Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix (LRIDGP) takes place in the exquisite settings of Windsor Home Park and Home Park Private. To watch this spectacular event all you need to do is go to the TOWN GATE collection point and the FREE Royal Windsor Horse Show tractor and trailer service will take you to the viewing points and also provide your return journey.
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16th April 2002

Ekstein Cruises Above the Rest as Ireland's Leading Sire of Top International Showjumpers
Morningside Stud's sire EKSTEIN leads Ireland in the number of progeny competing at the very highest level in international showjumping, according to data from the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. Ekstein (Zion x Joost) is the only living sire in Ireland to have three progeny on the list of the world's top 400 showjumpers.
Ekstein's progeny on the list are Joel (Ekstein x Ramiro Z), who last year won the Gold Medal in the European Young Rider Championship and led the Dutch Team to the Gold Medal in the Samsung Nations Cup World Final, and this year has placed in two World Cup qualifiers; Kasmir (Ekstein x ?), who last year came in third in the Athens Nations Cup and fourth in the Bratislava Nations Cup; and King (Ekstein x Goudsmid), who has placed in two World Cup qualifiers so far this year.
Ekstein and the deceased Clover Hill lead Ireland-based sires with three progeny in the top 400. Clover Hill, who died several years ago, has 1,923 foals registered with the Irish Horse Board. Ekstein has about one-third as many foals, fewer than 700, registered with the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN). Ekstein was also born 13 years after Clover Hill, so many of Ekstein's progeny are still too young to be eligible to compete in international competitions.
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16th April 2002
USA Equestrian Announces Varsity Equestrian Championship
As equestrian sport continues to move toward full NCAA status, the first Varsity Equestrian Championship will be held April 20, 2002, at Full Partners Farm in Gainesville, Florida. All schools which have declared varsity status with the NCAA have been invited, and thirteen Division I and II schools will participate in equestrian competition to name the first Varsity Champion. Student riders from Auburn University, College of Charleston, Cornell University, University of Findlay, Fresno State University, Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University, Pace University, Stonehill College, Texas A & M University, University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, and West Texas A & M University will compete in both Hunt Seat and Western competitions based on the format developed by the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, in this precursor to what one day may become an NCAA Championship.
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16th April 2002
HITS Tahoe 2002 Horse Show Circuit Dates Announced
SAUGERTIES, NY (April 4, 2001)—For the third consecutive year, Horse Shows In The Sun will present the HITS Tahoe Circuit in Minden, Nevada from June 26 through July 21, 2002. This hunter/jumper horse show circuit features nearly 300 classes each week for four weeks including a $10,000 Open Jumper Prix every Friday, and a $25,000 Grand Prix on each Sunday. Horse Shows In The Sun management is anticipating that HITS Tahoe will again have an international roster of exhibitors including entries from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
The HITS Tahoe show grounds is located on 100 acres of property owned by local industrialist Don Bently, on Highway 395, two miles north of Minden and about 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe. Competition is featured in six all-weather rings Wednesday through Sunday from 8am until approximately 4pm. Spectators are admitted free Wednesday through Saturday. Tickets are $5 on Sunday with the proceeds benefiting local charities. Children under 12 are always admitted at no charge and parking is always free. Vendor Row on Main Street of the show grounds is lined with more than a dozen shops offering equine-themed merchandise from tack to 14K gold jewelry. A variety of delicious lunch and snack items are available on Main Street as well. Bleacher seating is available at all of the rings. More than 10,000 spectators are expected to visit HITS Tahoe during the four-week circuit.
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16th April 2002

North American League Standings After Florida Season
Annville, PA—April 12, 2002—The Florida season was a busy time for riders looking to qualify for the North American League (NAL) Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA in October. Classes for the NAL’s six divisions—Children’s Hunter, Adult Hunter, Children’s Jumper, Adult Jumper, Pony Jumper, and Open Jumper—were held at both the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival and the Littlewood Winter Circuit in Wellington, FL in February and March. The NAL Series includes classes at hundreds of horse shows across the United States and Canada and the 2002 season runs from September 1, 2001 through August 31, 2002.

In the NAL Open Speed Division, McLain Ward of Brewster, NY has opened up an impressive 2500-plus point lead in the standings as of April 5 over second place rider Todd Minikus of Loxahatchee, FL. Ward, who captured the 2001 $25,000 NAL Open Speed Final at Harrisburg, won the NAL Open Speed classes at the Cosequin Wellington Finale in Wellington, FL and the Tampa Bay Classic in Tampa, FL. With strong placings on the Florida Circuit as well, Jeffery Welles moved up on the leader board to fourth place, only scant points behind third place rider, Alison Firestone.
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16th April 2002
Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center to Host Clinic with Jerry Schwartz
Kingston, RI—April 10, 2002— In conjunction with the National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA), Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Woodinville, WA, will host a dressage clinic with Jerry Schwartz, May 4-6.
Schwartz is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist and is chairperson for the USDF Council of Competitors. He recently participated in a Disabled Athletes Training Clinic at the International Academy for Equestrian Studies in Warendorf, Germany and Birmingham, England.
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15th April 2002
From auction to Grand National champion… With a little help from her veterinarian
By Rob Bracken
It was September 2000, and Denise Boorman, owner of Maple Leaf Paso Stables in Alliston, Ontario, was at the annual Paso Fino Horse Auction in Perry, Georgia. As she checked out the horses, one Paso Fino caught her eye. Catalina del Paso was a diamond-in-the-rough.
After being outbid at the auction Boorman was disappointed, but her interest in the horse was far from over. Catalina was sold upon arriving in Miami to a Colombian gentleman for his daughter. A few months later he called Boorman, knowing of her interest in the horse, stating that Catalina had too much“brio” (spirit) for his daughter to handle and he was willing to sell. Boorman’s project began.
Catalina remained in Miami and continued her training. In March 2001, Boorman and her husband went to Miami to attend a show and bring Catalina home. At the show Boorman noticed Catalina was not eating well, and her performance was lethargic. These responses were put down to Catalina’s reaction to the vaccines necessary for traveling to Canada. Three weeks after returning home to Alliston, something was wrong: the same horse that had too much brio for a young Colombian girl was still lazy, and one day she would not get up and had not eaten her grain. Suspecting colic, Catalina was treated at home. Over a period of 36 hours she did not respond to the treatment. With the unknown cause of her continuing distress, Catalina was brought to the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) at the University of Guelph, home of some of the best veterinary talent and facilities in the world.
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15th April 2002
Double Win For Quirke At Dressage Ireland Winter Finals
Dubliner Niall Quirke won both the Intermediare I and Intermediare II national winter finals at Broadmeadows Equestrian Centre, Bullstown,
Ashbourne, Co Meath today (14th April 2002).
Quirke and Alucolor Atlanta scored 67.88% in the Intermediare I final to win by a margin of over 6% from Gerald Bloomer and Fantastic Elastic. International dressage judges Judy Bradwell and Jenny Ward from Great Britain had the Alucolor sponsored pair the clear winners of the Intermediare II final as well on a score of 63.90%.
Speaking afterwards a clearly delighted Quirke indicated that he plans to campaign Alucolor Atlanta in the UK next month. His aim is to compete in a CDI (International Dressage Show) in Germany later in the year.
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15th April 2002

Consumers Beware !!!!! from Appalachian Shavings
We wish to advise the equine public about a shady business practice that has been going on in the woodshavings industry and wish to provide you with some knowledge to guard against it and be a wiser consumer!
A lot of unscrupulous woodshavings companies/brokers/distributors are selling you short! They are selling you a certain bale size at a competitive price but shipping you a smaller size instead. Companies have the bale size printed on the bale but the actual size falls way short of the printed and stated volume on the bale. We have received and seen numerous bales of 2. to 2.8 cu. ft. which were marked 3.25 cu. ft. Even when called, come companies kept on misrepresenting their real bale size!
In order to help you figure out what you are getting for your money, here is the equation:
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14th April 2002
New Careers For Ex-Racehorses
Insurers back competition to prove re-education is possible
Thoroughbreds coming out of racing often have new careers - as riding and competition horses. Leading equine insurer South Essex Insurance Brokers and QBE International Insurance, one of the UK's leading insurers of Thoroughbreds, are to jointly back them by running a national competition to find the year's most successful "re-educated" horses in all the disciplines.
"They seem to be a much-maligned group," said Barry Fehler, managing director of South Essex Insurance Brokers. "Many Thoroughbreds go on to have successful careers in the accepted disciplines. I have never seen any evidence which suggests that a horse that has been in training is impossible to re-educate for any of the accepted disciplines and now I want to prove it." One of Mr Fehler's most successful show horses, the Horse of the Year Show Champion, Princes Street, was bought out of racing.
"Racehorses to Riding Horses" will be open to horses affiliated to the British Show Jumping Association, British Dressage, British Eventing and the British Endurance Society as well as those contesting recognised showing classes or unaffiliated competition run by The British Riding Clubs, Pony Club, Permanent Show Organisers Association or approved centre.
"I know and work with a lot of experienced people in the racing world and not one of them believes that Thoroughbreds are untrainable when they come out of racing," said David Ashby, spokesman for QBE Insurance, which underwrites policies for South Essex.
"This competition, 'Racehorses to Riding Horses' has two objectives - to prove that it can be done and to encourage those who may not have contemplated giving these wonderful equine athletes a second chance at life."
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14th April 2002

Bayer/USET Festival of Champions, Presented by State Line Tack, Unites Five Disciplines of Equestrian Sports
Gladstone, NJ—April 12, 2002—The 12th annual Bayer/United States Equestrian Team (USET) Festival of Champions, presented by State Line Tack, is the only equestrian event in the country to spotlight five equestrian disciplines at the international level. The Festival returns to the USET Olympic Training Center in Gladstone, NJ from June 20 – 23, showcasing many of the nation’s top competitors in show jumping, dressage, combined driving, endurance, and reining.

The 2002 Festival will again feature the $75,000 USET Reining Championship, presented by Bayer, that will serve this year as the final U.S. selection trial for the first-ever Reining World Championship to take place at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain in September. In addition, Reiners will take part in the Cosequin Nations’ Cup competition, the USET Futures Championship, and the Reining Young Rider Medal Final.
The Festival will also serve as the final trial for drivers for the Four-In-Hand World Championship at the World Equestrian Games and for the 2002 Singles Driving World Championship to be held in Conty, France, in August.
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