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Jerez hold its 'Horse Fair 2002' five months before WEG

The 2002 Horse Fair edition, from 4th to 15th of May, is the most important horse event before the World Equestrian Games 2002, that will be hold on September in Jerez, Spain

Nota de prensa (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - april 2002).- The Horse Fair 2002, which is especially emblematic to this city, is marked by the proximity of the World Equestrian Games. This great event will take place from 10th to 22nd September. However, the city has already begun to transmit in each event the enthusiasm which predominates with regard to the equestrian games. The Horse Fair is one of those events in which Jerez confirms its equestrian vocation and which constitutes a proof of the proximity of the WEG and of their presence in the feelings of the people of Jerez.

The Horse Fair maintains its affable and elegant character in this year's edition but at the same time looks towards the future and holds the criterion of constant renewal which has been applied in recent times. Thus, after last year's great reorganization, the space in which the Fair takes place is growing together with the services offered and all the concepts and decorative elements which make the Horse Fair a unique event.

Horses are the protagonists of this Fair whose origins date back to the reign of Alfonso X the Wise. From the wide programme of equestrian competitions to the procession of riders and carriages along the promenades of the Fair, this noble animal is the object of admiration of those who observe it. The origins of the equestrian tradition in Jerez are lost in time. Nowadays this tradition is very deep-rooted among the people of Jerez and it is evident in the multiple institutions of Jerez: The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, the Studfarm "La Cartuja", the Military stud and the Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2.

Every year Jerez presents the "Caballo de Oro" award in recognition to those who safeguard the purity of the equine breeds and the diffusion of equestrian sport and the horse in general. This year the prize will be awarded to the Faculty of Veterinary of Córdoba.


27th April
Spanish cross-country riding championship
Copa de S.M. el Rey
Garrapilos and Fuenterrey estates 6,00 am

4th and 5th May
Spanish championship of Pursuit and Knocking down of bulls
Cortijo de Vicos 14,00 pm

9th and 10th May
Country style dressage competition
Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2 10,00 am

9th-12th May
Morphological competition of selected horses
From 11,00 am to 20,00 pm
Exhibition Palace IFECA

10th May
Presentation of the carriage competition and show
Promenade of the Fair (Municipal music kiosk) 12,00 pm

11th - 12th May
Carriage competition and show
Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2 11,00 am

11th May
Presentation of the "Caballo de Oro" award
Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2 12,00 pm

12th May
Presentation of the morphological competition awards
Presentation of the "Champion of Champions" award
Centre of Equine Reproduction number 2 12,00 pm


4th May
Opening of the Horse Fair 2002
Lighting and firework display
Park González Hontoria 22,00 pm

5th - 12th May
Rider and carriage promenade
From 13,00 to 19,30 pm
Fair ground

9th May
Presentation of the "casetas" competition award
Municipal music kiosk 14,00 pm



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Updated: October 2005.