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Dutch Warmblood Studbook Announces Annual Inspections

The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (NA/WPN), the North American department of the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), will be holding its annual "Keuring" tour (inspection and evaluation of breeding stock) from September 6 to Oct 8, 2002. The tour includes four sites in Canada and nine in the U.S.

The goal of the Keuringen, or inspections, is to improve the breed by evaluating issues relating to athleticism, conformation, soundness, character, temperament and type.

Studbook classes will be offered at all locations for mares and geldings, as well as premium grading classes for young horses. Classes for stallion approval will be offered at Iron Spring Farm in Pennsylvania and DG Bar Ranch in California. In addition, a full schedule of Dutch Harness Horse (DHH or Tuigpaard) classes will be offered at Pegasus Equine Center in Ohio.

A new studbook inspection procedure for mares and geldings (three years and older) will be instituted this year. After an initial presentation on a hard surface, during which a score sheet will be filled out evaluating each horse's movement and conformation in 27 separate categories, the horses will be evaluated in an indoor arena and will be judged on free movement (walk, trot and canter). The option of free jumping will be offered in some locations.

All horses will be evaluated by an experienced KWPN-trained jury, headed by KWPN Inspector Jacques Verkerk from Holland. Scores will be announced and comments will be made on all horses.
The recent NA/WPN Board of Directors meeting generated a rule change which makes it possible for pedigree qualified horses of KWPN parentage which are birth registered in unacknowledged Studbooks to be eligible for inspection and studbook inscription.

KWPN sport horses are found at the top levels of competition in every major international event in the world. Jumping horses such as Molly Ashe's Kroon Graven, two-time winner of the Budweiser American Invitational, Judgement, ridden by Beezie Madden and Glasgow (Norman Dello Joio) as well as top international dressage competitors like Foltaire (Günter Seidel), Grandeur (Steffen Peters) and Idocus (Marlies van Baalen) justify our pride in the Dutch horse and the Dutch inspection system

Keuringen are an excellent resource for breeding stock as well as high quality riding horse prospects, and are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Dutch Warmblood horse and the judging standards.


The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (NA/WPN), Inc. is a foreign department of the Royal Warmblood Studbook in the Netherlands (KWPN.) The NA/WPN was established to promote the Dutch Warmblood horse in North America, and to serve its breeders and subscribers through a continuing program of services, including inspections, incentives, awards and education.



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