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USET Announces Nominees For The 2002 World Equestrian Games Endurance Squad

Gladstone, New Jersey—April 1, 2002—The United States Equestrian Team (USET) has announced the riders and horses nominated for the 2002 World Equestrian Games Endurance Squad. These 44 riders and 56 horses must compete in at least one of the nine designated USET Selection Trials in order to be considered for selection to the squad of six riders and nine alternates that will be named for the 2002 World Equestrian Games.



Candy Barbo

Zalmara Din

Tony Benedetti

H H Noble Bay (Ripper)

Heather Bergantz

Crystals Charm

Shelley Bridges

Windswift Pharrah

Kathy Brunjes

Ali Darkness

Deborah Bullis

Tashi Ashara

Jullie Bullock, DVM

Tashi Ashara

Darolyn Butler-Dial

DJB Bab Razzmatazz

DJB Chaser


DJB Cassels Marcus

Melissa Crain


Karen Binns DiCamillo

Sr Sharree


Anita Fiondella

CF Precarious (Sam)

Myra Fleming

Rome Dome

Elise Geske


Carol Giles

SAR Tiki Stranger +

Sue Greenall

Shyrocco Jazz

Beverly Gray

Paladin (Regalidon)

Becky Harris

Ga Tyfa Mynte

Becky Hart

High Noon

Cameron Holzer

VGH Windswift Francie

Valerie Kanavy

Bearcat O’Reilly

Big Sky Chance



Marie Mallon

Zahin Al-Din

Wendy Merendini

Fire Mt. Flikka

Joyce Mocilan

Louis Lafite

Lois McAfee

Galant Legacy

LM Khemosabi

Jennifer Nice

Al Baraaq

Judith Ogus

Fames Excitement +1

Judy Reens

Benjih +/

Cia Reis

Catch A Wave

Dinah Rojek


Steve Rojek


SR Zeppelin

Meg Sleeper

Shyrocco Troilus

Syrocco Blair

Marcia Smith, DVM

Saamson CC

Joyce Sousa

LV Integrity

Rita Swift

Just Cass

Stephanie Teeter

Nature’s Khruschev

Kathy Thompson

LS Zane Grey +//

Linda Tribby

CH Static (OMR Static)
  OMR Golden Dutchman
Karen Vilander NYR Crown Royal
Tracy Webb Flight Leader
  Gilbriar Go Gdan +
Jazon Wonders Milarepa
  Ravi Das
Jan Worthington Brown R Timothy
  Short Stack
Genie Wunderlich

AM Gypsybridge

Jerry Zebrack B.R. Atina De Soi
Gail Zeck HK Contender

This list is impressive not only in numbers but also by the fact that it represents five World Champions: Becky Hart having won the title three times and Valerie Kanavy who is a two-time World Champion. Many medalists and top ten finishers from Pan American Endurance Championships are also represented on this list.

All nominees will be observed at each of the Selection Trials by the Selection Committee which is made up of representatives from each of the five US Zones as well two Active Athlete Selectors and the Chef d’Equipe and Team Veterinarian as Ex Officio participants. At each Selection Trial, all nominated horses will be examined by the Team Veterinarians both before and after the ride in order to establish medical base lines for the horses and give the riders advice on management issues.



April 6, 2002 Foxfire CEI *** Nacogdoches, TX
May 4, 2002 Biltmore Challenge CEI *** Asheville, NC
May 4, 2002 Washoe Valley CEI *** Carson City, NV
May 25, 2002 Grand Island Rapid River, MI
May 25, 2002 Liberty Run Augusta, GA
June 1, 2002 Mt. Adams CEI *** Trout Lake, WA
June 1, 2002 Top of the Rock Memphis, IN
June 7, 2002 Fort Howes CEI *** Ashland, MT
June 15, 2002 Smokey Hill River Run CEI *** Marquette, KS

The United States Equestrian Team is a non-profit organization that selects, trains, equips and finances equestrians of the highest possible standard to represent our country in major international competition, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships. To accomplish this, the USET seeks out and nurtures the development of talented athletes - riders, drivers and horses - and provides the support and guidance they need to help them attain their fullest potential. For more information on the USET, please call (908) 234-1251, or visit USET ONLINE at www.uset.org


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Updated: October 2005.