21 MAY 2001

- First CRIO won by Italy
- Eventing Committee Meeting in Lexington
- Update Foot and Mouth Disease
- FEI and IPEC signed cooperation agreement
- EU Jumping Championship with record number of teams
- Veterinary course in Wadworth changes date
- Nations Cup in Gijon changes date
- In memoriam


The first Reining World Nations Cup took place at Reggio Emilia exhibition center from 17 to 20 May 2001.

The important prize-money (added money for the team competition was 25 thousand euro, the one for individuals is 5 thousand euro), the recognition of the FEI, the cooperation with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA), attracted the best riders from all over the world.

The competition was on two go, with composite score. There were five American and European judges, and the highest and lowest scores were dropped.The three best scores of teams of three or four riders counted for the team result. Over 40 riders, from 11 countries were tested on the very demanding pattern #9.

Italian and European reiners were probably slightly advantaged by riding their own horses, but even teams coming from further away proved themselves very competitive and showed a very easy understanding with the very good horses, borrowed from different Italian owners.

At the end of the 1st go, the Italian team was leading the provisional ranking, thanks to the very good performances of Dario Carmignani on Frozen Sailor, Nicola Cordioli on Rs Little Red Jaba, Stefano Massignan on Rs Pine N Nuts and Marco Manzi on Bar Jacson Bo. The Italian riders produced very resolute performances and were also placed second (218), third (216.5), fourth (216) and sixth (214) in the individual ranking.

With 220 points, the Austrian rider Rudi Kronsteiner, on Jacs On Top, reached the leading position among the individuals, escorting his crew at the second place in the team's ranking. Germany took the third position.

BRAZIL 833.05
CANADA 633.05
FRANCE 618.05
JAPAN 598.05
BELGIUM 408.05
10° SWITZERLAND 407.05
11° ISRAEL 206


The Eventing Committee held its 1st meeting of the year after the very successful Rolex CCI**** in Lexington KY (USA) on 30 April and 1st May.

The Chairman of the Veterinary Committee and the Head of the Veterinary Department had been invited to the meeting to present the Veterinary Committees recommendations on the Eventing Committees Working Statement of the Future Development of the Sport.

The Eventing Committee were very positive in regard to these recommendations, which mainly dealt with the consideration of the four phases of the endurance requirements.

No other updates to the Working Statement have been made as it was felt by the Eventing Committee that the consultancy phase in place within NFs and through the Open Forums were creating very valuable debates with all parties involved in Eventing. It was also felt that it was of utmost importance that a consensus be reached to ensure that the sport will evolve in an acceptable way to all. The updated Working Statement is available on FEI website www.horsesport.org section reference/working docs.

It was also agreed by both the Eventing and the Veterinary Committee to adopt a protocol for Veterinary Management of CICs. This protocol would be enforced immediately, the reason being the necessity to ensure compliance with the Veterinary Regulations in relation to the International movement of horses, fitness to compete and medication control.

The Eventing Committee also looked into the British research project of Transport Research Laboratories (TRL) on development of Systems to monitor the Safety Aspects of the Eventing Sport. The Committee would consider the proposals and work on a future involvement of the FEI in regard to assessment of incident (falls) reports in International events. The intention was to further involve National Federations by extending this study to national events.

The Eventing Committee discussed a new World Event Rider Rankings point system, taking into account the number of starters at an event.

New Dressage Tests for all 4 star levels to be enforced in 2002 were presented and would be reviewed by the Committee in the coming months.

The next Meeting of the Eventing Committee will take place at the occasion of the South American Eventing Championships in Belo Horizonte (BRA) in July. An FEI Eventing Open Forum will also be organised on Sunday 15 July 2001.


In comparison with several weeks ago, the FMD epidemic is clearly on the way down. The three EU countries which got involved via England have not reported additional cases since several weeks, while the number of new cases in the UK is now less than five per day (this was close to 50 some weeks ago). In South America however, FMD outbreaks are reported from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Consequently, most EU-based Veterinary Authorities are reviewing the restrictions that were issued during the epidemic and are slowly returning to a more normalised situation. The EU only issued movement restrictions for horses referring to the UK and its Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) has already proposed to make these rules less strict. For the other EU countries, Brussels has not issued measures in regard to equids. Several national or provincial Veterinary Authorities (e.g. France, The Netherlands, Germany) have also facilitated the movement of horses and are expected to return to the pre-FMD situation soon (only in regard to non-susceptible animals such as horses).

Australia issued new rules regarding the importation of horses on May 17. Although still restrictive as far as Great Britain is concerned, these rules are less strict than the ones previously published, which were restrictive towards all EU countries.

If no additional outbreaks disturb the trend that we have seen in the last weeks, movement of horses will have returned to normal in a matter of weeks.


The FEI President H.R.H. The Infanta Doña Pilar de Bourbon, and the President of the International Paralympic Equestrian Committee (IPEC) Mrs Jonquil Solt (GBR) signed a co-operation agreement at the San Francisco General Assembly. IPEC is the International Governing body for Paralympic Equestrian Sport and is involved in organising the Paralympic Games, which are held every four years following the Olympic Games.

The FEI will assist the growth of equestrian sport for competitors with disabilities through the FEI Development department and by working closely with IPEC to give opportunities these talented riders to compete against their able bodied colleagues in FEI competitions.

During the General Assembly Mrs Solt gave an inspiring presentation, showing the extremely high standard of Dressage riding at the Paralympic Games in Sydney.


Following the successful European Dressage Championship in 1999, this year CHampion Gelderland will again host the European Show Jumping Championship at the National Sports Centre, Papendal, the Netherlands, from Wednesday, June 27 until Sunday, July l, 2001.

The European Show Jumping Championship at theNational Sports Centre, Papendal, Arnhem, will definitely go ahead. The European Show Jumping Championship/CHampion Gelderland will be held from Wednesday, June 27, to Sunday July 1. A record of nineteen teams will take part in the European Championship.

The decision to hold the European Championship follows months of uncertainty. However, given the fact that FMD disease has not been diagnosed in the Arnhem region and culling in infected areas is almost complete, the organising Committee believes it is safe to proceed with the event.

The European Individual and Team titles are the prizes at stake. The present Individual titleholder is the French rider Alexandra Ledermann who was the first lady to win the coveted European title in Hickstead in 1999. The Team Competition was won by Germany ahead of Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is 12 years since the European Show Jumping Championship was last held in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam.

European Show Jumping Championship Program

Thursday, June 28, 2 p.m. until 5 p.m: 1st leg, Table C (Banca Del Gottardo prize);
Friday, June 29, 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.: Team Competition 1st round, 2 p.m. until 3.30 p.m.: Team Competition 2nd round;
Sunday, July 1, 1.30 p.m. until 2.30 p.m.: 1.60 m individual 1st round (Audi prize), 3.15 p.m. until 4.30 p.m.: 1.60 m individual 2nd round, possibly followed by a jump-off (Audi prize).
Accreditation forms, hotel forms and EU-Championship's newsletter can be found on FEI website www.horsesport.org section news/media service

For more information, please contact Eep Landman, press officer European Show Jumping Championship/CHampion Gelderland on +31 26 445 33 01. www.ecshowjumping.com

Veterinary Course - Wadsworth (USA) 07-12 August 2001

Please note that the date of the above course, to be held in conjunction with the North AmericanYoung Eiders Championships, has been changed from 08-12 August to 07-12 August 2001.


The Nations Cup competition will be held on Friday 24 August 2001.


Marilyn Thatcher, respected show jumping judge of South Africa, who had recently achieved FEI International Candidate status passed away on 15 May after a long illness.


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