30 MAY 2001

- FEI/GANDINI World Jumping Riders Rankings
- FEI/BCM World Dressage Riders Rankings
- EU-Championship in Arnhem
- Samsung Nations Cup: CSIO Rome + New section on the FEI website
-Dressage Committee Meeting
- Endurance Committee Meeting
- Seminar for experienced Endurance officials
- Revised qualification to European Vaulting Championship
- Caretano Z died
- First Silent Auction for the Canadian Junior Dressage Team


No change in the Top Three: Ludger Beerbaum still leads the rankings. The suspense is for next month, as he will drop 500 points of last year, while his runner up Willy Melliger will only loose 95 points. Lars Nieberg keeps his 3rd place

Markus Fuchs goes up one step to 5th place, while Rodrigo Pessoa goes down from 4th to 6th place

Ludo Philippaerts replaced almost all his dropped points and goes back to 7th place, the rank he had 2 months ago.

The Italian Jerry Smit makes a good progression from 31st to 22nd place, thanks to his excellent performances at the CSIO La Baule and Rome.

Complete rankings and detailed point calculation can be found on the FEI website www.horsesport.org, section consult/results/jumping.


No change in the Top 10, Ulla Salzgeber still leads the rankings.


Following the European Jumping Championships in 1999 in Hickstead, the European Showjumping Championship is being organised this year in Arnhem (NED). Many of the stars of the sport will meet for the event from Wednesday 27 June to Sunday 1 July at the Papendal National Sports Centre.

Those interested in keeping up with the latest news about the European Championships can visit website www.ecshowjumping.com for updates of everything that is going on. Every two weeks national coach Bert Romp writes a regular column on this Internet page, and tickets to the event can be ordered on line.

Arnhem's Newsletter and press accreditation forms are also available from FEI website www.horsesport.orgsection News, press service.

The European Jumping Championships are being held for the 26th time this year, and for the fifth time in the Netherlands. On all the previous occasions in the Netherlands - the last time in 1989 - the venue for the Championship was Rotterdam. That year, John Whitaker became European Champion on the legendary grey Milton.

The list of previous European Champions can be found on the FEI website, section discover, faq (frequently asked questions), champions.

For more information, please contact Eep Landman, press officer European Show Jumping Championship/CHampion Gelderland on +31 26 445 33 01. www.ecshowjumping.com


France, winners in the previous round at La Baule earlier this month, stormed to their second consecutive victory in the Samsung Nations Cup series at the Piazza di Siena in Rome last week-end, helped by a superb double-clear from Hubert Bourdy on Helios and a gritty performance from Thierry Pomel. Switzerland took second place, followed by Italy, which leads the rankings with 24 points ahead of Belgium.

The FEI opened a new Samsung Nations Cup section on its website (under News) where information on the Series are posted immediately at the end of each Nations Cup Competition, starting with CSIO Rome. Pictures of the Nations Cup are available copyright free. And as always, the complete standings can be found in the Consult/Results section.

Samsung Nations Cup website: www.samsungnationscup.com


The Dressage Committee held its annual meeting in Milan (ITA) from 21 - 23 May 2001.The meeting was chaired for the first time by the new Dressage Committee Chairman, Mrs Mariette Withages (BEL).Mr Gotthilf Riexinger (GER) attended the meeting as the new Event Organisers Representative and as per usual procedure, Drs Joep Bartels (NED) was in attendance in his capacity as Director of World Cup Dressage.Mr Sjef Janssen (NED), Vice President of the International Dressage Trainers Club, was given an opportunity to address the Committee Members on these matters of concern to Dressage trainers.

The meeting was an extremely fruitful one with much discussion and lively debate concerning in particular, the future development of Dressage.An outcome of this discussion was a commitment by the three main groups within Dressage i.e. judges, riders and trainers, to work together in the interests of the development of the sport.It was agreed that two members from each group would form part of a working panel, which will function independently of the formal Committee Meeting structure.The panel will consider items such as rule changes, promotion and appointment of judges, new Dressage tests, contents of seminars and courses and qualification requirements and will make recommendations and proposals to the Dressage Committee for its further consideration.

The Committee agreed to amend the Qualification Requirements for both the European Championships 2001 and the World Equestrian Games 2002.The new requirements are as follows:

European Championships:
In order to qualify for participation at the 2001 European Dressage Championships, riders and horses must have attained (as a combination) a result of at least 300 points (or 60%)*, attributed by any of the FEI Official International Dressage Judges of a nationality other than that of the rider, in a Grand Prix at two CDI***/CDI-Ws and upwards from 1 January 2000 until deadline for receipt of Certificates of Capability (13 July 2001). In addition, all rider and horse combinations that obtained the necessary scores to qualify for the Olympic Games 2000 will receive automatic qualification for the European Championship 2001.

World Equestrian Games:
In order to qualify for participation at the 2002 World Championship, riders and horses must have attained (as a combination) a result of at least 315 points (or 63%)*, attributed by any of the FEI Official International Dressage Judges of a nationality other than that of the rider, in a Grand Prix at two CDIs***/CDI-Ws and upwards from 1 January 2001 until the deadline for receipt of Certificates of Capability (date to be confirmed).

For riders of non-European and non-North American countries this number of points must be achieved at one CDI***/CDI-W only. However, if any of these riders wish to qualify in Europe or North America, where two CDIs***/CDI-Ws are required, these riders must attain the minimum score of 315 points in a Grand Prix competition at two CDIs***/CDI-Ws.

Assessing Delegate

Nations participating in the FEI World Dressage Challenge wishing to send competitors to the World Equestrian Games, have the possibility to make a request to the FEI that an FEI Assessing Delegate (FEI Official International Judge) judge the rider concerned in a Grand Prix under competition conditions on the occasion of 2001 FEI World Dressage Challenge.The same minimum requirement of 315 points (63%) must be attained in order to qualify.

Endurance Committee Meeting

The FEI Endurance Committee held its annual meeting in Amsterdam on 28 and 29 May.The Committee agreed to formalise the so-called Best Conditioned Award into the FEI Rules for Endurance. This is a competition, which is held for the top ten finishers at an Endurance ride to find the horse in the best condition. This has been an extremely popular competition over the years, but has not been included before within the FEIs jurisdiction. The Committee felt that it was a valuable addition to the rules by making the riders focus on the welfare of their horse.

The Committee also agreed a new system for the appointment of Endurance Chief Stewards and established a sub committee to look at the feasibility of Endurance becoming an Olympic Discipline. The sub committee members are Dr Hallvard Somerset (NOR), Mr Faisal Seddiq al Mutawa (UAE) and Mr Michael Stone, FEI Assistant Secretary General. Mr Seddiq al Mutawa will Chair the sub committee.

Other topics covered were the recording of the performance details of all Endurance horses and the development of further training for officials.

Seminar for Experienced Endurance Officials:

Forty one experienced endurance judges vets and stewards attended a very successful seminar given by Dr Jerry Gillespie (USA) in Amsterdam on the 26th and 27th of May. The seminar was the first of its kind and is the start of a program established by the FEI Endurance Committee to improve the quality of officials in this fast growing discipline.


The FEI Vaulting Committee decided that there would be no qualification requirements for vaulters participating at the European Vaulting Championships 2001.

This is as a result of the cancellation of a large number of international Vaulting events due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Europe. The qualification procedure will be reviewed by the Committee for the World Equestrian Games 2002.

Jos Lansink's European Championship horse Caretano Z dies

Caretano Z, the Holstein stallion which Lansink planned to start in the European Championship in Arnhem (27 June to 1 July 20010) died of a groin rupture on his way to CSIO Rome. Emergency operation in a clinic in Pisa proceeded well, but the horse nevertheless died during recovery.:

First Silent Auction for the Canadian Junior Dressage Team

The first ever Silent Auction in support of a first ever Canadian FEI Junior Dressage Team will be organised on 1 and 2 June in Palgrave (CAN) for the first ever North American Junior Dressage Championships which will be organised in Batavia, Ohio on June 28, 2001. More information from Misha Dubbeld mishadubbeld@hotmail.com


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