Rescued Horse to be a Star

Bob the Cob on arrival

Bob the Cob came to the ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) Norfolk Centre last year as a half starved 2 year old barely able to walk.

Because of his appalling condition the RSPCA brought a successful prosecution against his owner in January this year, when he was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay costs.

One year on Bob, who is now owned by the ILPH, is barely recognisable. He has doubled his body weight and is well on his way to becoming a star.

For Bob the Cob is to be immortalised by the toy company Julip Horses Ltd. featuring in their latest gift set, due out this summer, with his friend Liz.

Says Annabel Davies, Managing Director at Julip, "When Liz Hatten, ILPH Shows and Promotions Manager, suggested Bob as a model I was thrilled to bits as the ILPH is Julip’s favourite charity and we have always wanted to do one of their horses !"

"Bob the Cob is our first piebald and the set includes saddle, bridle, headcollar, rug and bandages – and that’s not forgetting Liz who is to be immortalised too !"

But blond haired Liz, delighted to finally be a model, has the last word when she says "Eat your heart out Barbie, who needs Ken when you can have Bob !"

Part of the proceeds from the sales of the sets will be donated to the ILPH by Julip Horses Ltd.

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Updated: October 2005.