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Irish Participation In International Equestrian Events

CSI-B MOORSELE BELGIUM 30 MAY-2 JUNE 2002 - Harry Marshall with Cruiseline, Splendido, Pakko and Romance.
Tel +32 56 503409, fax +32 56 502110.

CSI-A SPANGENBERG GERMANY 31 MAY-2 JUNE 2002 - UPDATE - Jessica Kurten with Egano, Duke of Lando, Gero 82 and Lanarius, Niall Talbot with Man Child, Fancy Brown, Nypolyte and Arrisma, Denis Coakley with OBOS Quality 004, Dreampoint and Lanceston, Lt David O'Brien with Boherdeal Clover, Cruise Hill and Lismore Clover, Lt Shane Carey with Shannondale, Laughton's Lass and Killossery and Cameron Hanley with Claydons Pheonix, Gypsy de Bacon and Laveletto.
Tel +49 56 63 93 02 46, fax +49 56 61 93 02 47.

CSI-C PERPIGNAN FRANCE 7-9 JUNE 2002 ­ Sean Cubitt with Calor du Manoir, Equinox and As Mury Marais Z.
Tel +33 5 63 59 35 17, fax +33 5 63 71 94 76.

CSI-A BOURG EN BRESSE FRANCE 8-10 JUNE 2002 - Harry Marshall with Cruiseline, Splendido and Pakko, Niall Talbot with Nypolyte, Man Child, Ellefield and Arrisma and Cameron Hanley with Claydons Pheonix, Honnie, Laveletto and Hombline de L¹Etaing.
Tel +33 4 74 51 35 08, fax +33 4 74 51 30 07.

CDI*** ACHLEITEN AUSTRIA 12-16 JUNE 2002 - Heike Holstein with Welt Adel and Judy Reynolds with Saturday Night.
E-mail office@achleiten.at.

CCI**/* BURGIE SCOTLAND 13-16 JUNE 2002 - Lisa Allen with The Good Looker, Lisa Dundee with Keeford gold, Heidi Hamilton with Cavaldi, Richard Irwin with Mainstown and The Professor, Mark Kyle with Bit of Kuwait and Maidstone Marvel, Stephen Smith with Agnes Grey, Bronagh Stevenson with Three O¹Clock Fox and Kirsty Stuart with Antwerp Honey Bee.
Tel +44 1343 850128, fax +44 1343 850424, e-mail secretary@burgie.org.

CSIO LINZ AUSTRIA 13-16 JUNE 2002 - Denis Coakley with OBOS Quality 004, Dreampoint and Lanceston, Lt David O'Brien with Boherdeal Clover, Lismore Clover, Cruise Hill and Kilcummin, Lt Shane Carey with Shannon Dale, Lismakin and Killossery and Cian O'Connor with Irish Independent Casper,
Waterford Crystal and Tinka's Girl. Chef d'Equipe will be Lt Col Gerry Mullins.
Tel +43 664 204 0680, fax +43 732 307 0519, e-mail gabriela.walsch@walschpr.at.



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