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ILPH Annual Summer Show, Horse and Dog Shows

Saturday 22 June at Hall Farm, Snetterton

Thanks to the overwhelming success of last year's show, entry to the ILPH Summer Show at Hall Farm Snetterton is free again this year.

The Horsemen of Apocalypse will once again be topping the bill in the main arena this year, together with the Shetland Pony Grand National, two Parelli natural horsemanship demonstrations, the Banham Birds of Prey and parade of ILPH horses.

Elsewhere on the showground visitors may look in on the ILPH Welfare Village, visit the Banham shires, many trade and refreshment stands, or go on one of the guided farm tours to see the rescued horses and ponies.

The Horse Show this year has 83 affiliated and unaffiliated showing classes, 32 more than last year, with no fewer than 18 championships.

Showing classes include qualifiers for Ponies (UK), Marriages Riding Club Pony of the Year, as well as CHAPS (Coloured Horse and Pony Society) ridden and in hand, Lord Whittaker's Open Hunter and Rotherwood Riding Pony Broodmares and many other affiliated and unaffiliated showing classes. The only jumping this year will be in the Working Hunter classes and the teams-of-three competition.

Schedules for the Horse Show will automatically be sent to last year's competitors and ILPH loanees and will shortly be available at local tack shops, feed merchants, etc., or by writing, enclosing a sae A5 envelope, to Mel Edwards, at ILPH HQ, Anne Colvin House, Snetterton, NR16 2LR.

The Secondhand Tack Stall will gratefully accept donated items of good quality tack, rugs, etc., before the day as all leather-work will be thoroughly inspected. Regretfully no items can be taken for sale on the day.

Entries for the Exemption Dog Show will be accepted from 10 am on the day - Information and schedules from Sue Pidduck on 01953 497235.



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Updated: October 2005.