16th, 17th, 18th May 2002

"All The Queen's Horse's" a live equestrian spectacular, with a cast of 3,000, including over 1,000 horses is to be staged at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, in 2002, to pay tribute to Her Majesty in The Queens Golden Jubilee Year and, in particular, to celebrate a lifetimes interest in the equestrian world and the horse.

One of a number of national events marking The Queen's accession to the throne 50 years ago, "All The Queen's Horses" will be a night-time theatrical extravaganza of dramatic proportions.

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the floodlit Windsor Castle during three days of the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show, of which The Queen is The Patron, the event will tell the story of The Queen's 50 year reign through her love of horses.

A purpose built stage will be erected to house the orchestra, choir and dancers, together with an all weather arena, to accommodate the 2,000 participants and over 1,000 horses that will perform in the show, that will be produced by Major Sir Michael Parker. The finale of the show will recreate the 1952 coronation procession with the inclusion of the Gold State Coach with its eight grey horses in harness, a sight that has not been seen since the 1977 Jubilee.

In an event that will be more "Broadway" than "Horse Show", using lights, sound and cinema the organisers will acknowledge over half a century of history in one night. With references to world events, fashion, rock music and sport the programme will be action packed and should delight audiences young and old.

The part that horses have played in the life of the Monarch and her family is well documented so it is fitting that this, the first major tribute to her 50-year reign, should be staged in such a uniquely equestrian setting.

Simon Brooks-Ward, the show's Director said: "We are going to create and produce an event that we hope will show the depth of feeling that this country has for its Monarch."

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