The Connemara Classics Musical Display Team

The Connemara pony is known worldwide for its sturdiness and versatility, here in the west of Ireland a group of people are adding another string to their bow

The Connemara pony is known world-wide for its sturdiness and versatility, here in the west of Ireland we use our ponies for nearly everything. At any weekend show, the prize winning pony in the show ring might well have been competing the day before in a grade A showjumping competition or one day event. For some of us it’s hard to say goodbye when we reach the age of 16, so what do we do with our much-loved ponies? Well, a group of us have kept our ponies and are adding another string to their bow.

We have got together with Anita Cahill, who, as far back as 1989 has endeavoured to promote the Connemara pony as far more than a pony for children, she trained the very first Connemara pony quadrille consisting of five pairs of grey ponies performing articulate movements to music. As nearly all the present riders have been members of the original display team, giving displays at the Kerrygold Dublin Horse show, National Carriage Driving Championships in Birr Co. Offaly, Game shows and other shows around the country. Due to our continued popularity we have decided to begin training again.

Previously, we have used sidesaddles on the two lead ponies to great success. Now we wish to have all ten ponies ridden aside. This will, we hope, not only give a wonderful visual spectacle but will help promote not only our ponies but the Art of riding aside, and will perhaps persuade riders that the Connemara is a super ride for anyone regardless of age.

However, we have only four saddles and are looking for another six, so can anyone out there help us? All saddles would be fully insured and hired at the current hire price. Our ponies are no smaller the 148cm and the largest is 158cm.

If you can help, please email Sara Cahill:

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Updated: October 2005.