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Federation Equestre Internationale News

11 July 2002

- 2002 World Equestrian Games
- Michael Stone appointed Sports Director
- Samsung nations Cup Preview: Falsterbo, Lummen, Bucharest
- Dressage Championship of the Americas

2002 World Equestrian Games

53 nations have already announced their participation at the 2002 World Equestrian Games that will take place from 10 to 22 September in Jerez (Spain). The following nations will be represented by competitors in at least one of the seven disciplines (show jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, endurance, vaulting, reining) which will award their world champion titles at the World Equestrian Games:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Dutch Antilles, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, United States of America.

Amongst the above mentioned nations 9 National Federations have entered competitors (either as team or individuals) in all seven disciplines. These are: Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and USA. The discipline with the highest number of participating countries is Jumping with 41 nations; 38 nations are entered in Endurance; 29 in Dressage, 27 in Eventing; 21 in Vaulting; 17 in Driving and 14 in Reining.

To get to know the names of the competitors in each discipline we'll have to wait for the scheduled deadlines: nominated entries 12th August; definite entries 1st September.

Michael Stone appointed Sports Director

At its recent meeting the FEI Executive Board approved the promotion of the FEI Assistant Secretary General Michael Stone to the newly created position of FEI Sports Director. This position will commence in October 2002 and form part of a new management structure within the FEI Secretariat, which will include a management board consisting of the Secretary General, the Sports Director and the Director of Administration. These changes are part of the ongoing implementation of the FEI Strategic Plan as approved by the FEI General Assembly in Mainz (GER) 2000.

Samsung nations Cup Preview

CSIO**** Falsterbo (SWE), 11 - 14 July 2002

The Samsung Nations Cup will take place on Friday, 12 July,
- first round beginning at 15h,
- second round beginning at 16h45.

The following nine teams will be participating (in the alphabetical order): Brazil (BRA), Denmark (DEN), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Ireland (IRL), Italy (ITA), Korea (KOR), Sweden (SWE), and Switzerland (SUI).

Rodrigo Pessoa, Bernardo Alves, Alvaro Affonso De Mirandra, Rodrigo Sarmento
Merethe Jensen, Lars N Pedersen, Sören Pedersen, Michael Aabo,
Bruno Broucqsault, Roger Yves Bost, Olivier Guillon, Eric Navet
Marcus Ehning, Jörg Kreutzmann, Lars Nieberg, Franke Sloothaak.
Shane Carey, Robert Splaine, Cian O´Connor, Denis Coakley
Jerry Smit, Gianni Govoni, Roberto Arioldi, Duccio Bartalucci
Soon- Won Hwang, Jung-Hyun Joo, Bong-Gak Sohn, Jung-Ho Woo.
Peter Eriksson, Helena Persson, Jens Fredriksson, Royne Zettermann
Markus Fuchs, Werner Muff, Ernst Wettstein, Marin Walther

www.falsterbohorseshow.se - www.equipe.nu

TV broadcast:
Eurosport, Friday, 12 July, 20h15 - 21h1 and Saturday, 13 July, 10h00 -11h00;
SVT Swedish television, Friday, 12 July, 22h50 - 23h00;
MBPtvs - schedule to be confirmed.

CSIO*** Lummen (BEL), 11 - 14 July 2002

The Samsung Nations Cup will take place on Friday, 12 July, from 15h to approximately 18h.

The following ten teams will be participating (in the alphabetical order): Belgium (BEL), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Great Britain (GBR), Ireland (IRL), Italy (ITA), Japan (JPN), The Netherlands (NED), Portugal (POR), and Switzerland (SUI).

Ludo Philippaerts, Marc Van Dyck, Jos Lansink, Peter Postelmans
Gilles Bertran de Ballanda, Katie Prudent, Patrice Delaveau, Christian Hermon
Eva Bitter, Holger Hetzel, Alois Polmann-Schwekhorst, Thomas Schepers
Richard Davenport , Andrew Davies , William Funnel, Di Lampard
Edward Doyle, Kearins Darraghs, Shane Breen
Filippo Moyersoen, Piergiorgio Bucci, Niccolo Marzichi Lenzi, Christian Pitzianti
Ryuma Hirota, Mariko Kato, Toshiki Masui, Taizo Sugitani
Kevin Olsmeyer, Leon Thijssen, Mathys Van Asten, Albert Voorn
Miguel Maria Bravo, Joao Chuva, Bernardo Mathias, Luis Sabino
Walter Gabathuler, Claudia Gisler, Theo Muff, Celine Stauffer

Results on www.lummen-horses.be - www.scg-nl.nl - www.horses.nl

CSIO***(-W), Bucharest (ROM), 11 - 14 July 2002

The Samsung Nations Cup will take place on Friday, 12 July,
- first round beginning at 17h,
- second round beginning at 18h.

The following five teams will be participating (in the alphabetical order): Bulgaria (BUL), Germany (GER), Hungary (HUN), Poland (POL), and Romania (ROM).

Anton Datsinski, Ivailo Liubenov, Asparuh Atanasov, Veneto Tenev
Mathias Mock, Paul Hofmann, Henrik Griese, Matthias Raisch
HUN - to be confirmed
Grzegorz Kubiak, Lukasz Jonczyk, Jacek Zagor
Stefan Stoica, Marian Feraru, Izabela Selistean, Claudiu Gheorghe

TV broadcast:
The event will be broadcast by the following Romanian channels: TVR
(Romanian national TV), Prima, and Realitatea TV

Samsung Nations Cup 2001/2002 World Final will take place in Donaueschingen (GER) on Saturday 24 August.

Dressage Championship of the Americas

The Dressage Championship of the Americas will take place in Blainville, Quebec, just north of Montreal (CAN) from 17 to 21 July 2002.

Expanded from the North American Dressage Championship concept, the prestigious FEI 'Coupe des Ameriques' will be presented in conjunction with the fourth annual CDI-W Dressage International de Blainville, presented by Swarovski Canada, and features $40,000 in prize money between the two competitions.

The 2002 Dressage Championship of the Americas will act as an official FEI Regional Championship. The ground-breaking undertaking will see countries from North, Central and South America invited to compete in Team competition at the Grand Prix, Advanced, Young Rider and Junior levels. Each country may field up to three teams, consisting of two riders, at each level and individual entries will also be accepted. If unable to transport their own horses, riders may compete on borrowed

Each level will consist of three tests with the first two determining the team medals. The third and final test, the Musical Freestyle, will determine the overall individual standings. Expressions of interest have been received from 14 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa
Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Venezuela.




Samsung Electronics has supported sports marketing activities world-wide with a strong initiative in equestrian sports since 1988. In 1996 Samsung took the world-wide sponsorship of the Nations Cup. Samsung is a long time partner of equestrian sport and has been the patron of the International Jumping and Dressage Competitions (now called Challenge) aimed at developing the sport on a worldwide basis since 1988. Samsung believes strongly in the values of sport, which promote deeper
understanding and mutual exchange between people of the world.

Gandini Tessuti Alta Moda (Gandini High Fashion Fabrics) was founded in 1925 and is active in the creation and design of high-quality fabrics. In 2001 Gandini became the new sponsor of the FEI World Jumping Riders Rankings.

Best Communication & Management, BCM, is specialised in the organisation, management and sponsorship of equestrian events. BCM's services range from providing various facilities to organising the entire show. Beside its activities in event organisation, BCM is also the publisher of the official equestrian yearbook 'L'Année Hippique,'
and of the monthly Magazine 'Horse International'.Since 1998, BCM supports the World Cup Dressage and the World Dressage Rankings.

In 2001 Performance Sales International (PSI) granted its support to the FEI Jumping and Dressage Challenge. This series of approximately 100 competitions taking place in over 60 countries serves to develop dressage and show jumping in nations wishing to reach the highest competition level.

Since 1999, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Equestrian and Racing Federation produces the FEI Endurance Riders Rankings. The 2001 edition was won by Dato Kamruddin bin Abdul Ghani (MAS).

Thank you to the supporters of the Driving discipline: Finn Caspersen, supporter of the Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award, Van der Wiel Harness supporter of the Top Driver Award for Pairs, Kühnle who supports the Singles Top Driver Award. The US company Driving Essentials and the Canadian Freedman Harness support the North American Challenge

Since 2001, Waldfried Dressage Stables is supporting the Euro Future Cup, a Dressage Series aimed at encouraging the progress of Young Riders.

The FEI would like to take this opportunity to thank its faithful sponsors for their ongoing support.



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