Following a warning issued by the BHS, quoting “disturbing evidence that horses have died from severe colic after swallowing so-called ‘horse licks’”, HORSLYX manufacturer Caltech has confirmed that its product is safe to feed ad-lib, as recommended.

HORSLYX is manufactured and marketed by Caltech - the only company marketing a molassed lick that actually manufactures its own product. It is also the only product manufactured by a unique, patented ‘cooking’ process - in a bespoke multi million pound plant, backed by a highly qualified and experienced nutritionist, Dr C.J. Lister.

The other manufacturing method for molassed feed blocks/licks uses chemical hardening agents, similar to agents used to harden concrete.

The BHS has suggested that when eaten in quantity, molasses may impact food in the gut and cause a blockage - the problem highlighted by the BHS occurs when a horse swallows a chunk of chemically enhanced molasses that is indigestible, as concrete would be.

HORSLYX begins to soften into a liquid form at 30 degrees centigrade. A horse’s normal body temperature is 38 degrees centigrade, therefore a chunk of HORSLYX eaten will always dissolve (just like treacle toffee!) and as such, never be able to cause an impaction.

HORSLYX is designed to be fed ad-lib and is well researched. It offers significant nutritional benefits and also has psychological benefits as it simulates ‘trickle’ feeding - a natural requirement for a horse. HORSLYX is not a treat, gimmick or novelty - it is 21st century cutting edge nutrition.

Horseowners who may be concerned about the lick they are currently using are advised by HORSLYX to contact the respective company’s helpline to establish the method of manufacture, trial work carried out and quality control. The HORSLYX helpline number is 01697 332592.

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Updated: October 2005.