Orphan Foal is Lucky to Survive

Tiny three day old Geronimo the little orphan foal with the big name is lucky to be alive. He survived two days alone in his field before help came after his mother got into serious difficulties when giving birth to him.

ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) Head Groom, Chrissie Foley said, "When I arrived he was tottering around amongst the trees and his mother was down, unable to get up and in severe pain. Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep but I managed to extract some of her milk and the foal, Geronimo as we have called him, took to it straight away."

He was brought back to Cherry Tree Farm, nr Lingfield, Surrey, yesterday and the vet has checked him over and given him a tetanus jab and antibiotics.

The owner, who did not have a place to keep him nor the time to bottle feed him, has signed Geronimo over to the ILPH and Chrissie has become his surrogate mum.

Comments Chrissie, "He had a twisted leg when we found him and that has improved over night and he is proving to be quite a boisterous little fellow and very cheeky. It's fun being a surrogate mum but I don't like having to get up every two hours through the night to feed him !"


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Updated: October 2005.