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The spread of the deadly West Nile Virus
.It's killing people
Mosquito/Die X2c for a safe Mosquito free summer.

The northern mosqoito,Culex pipien is the most common of all mosquito. They thrive in water polluted with rotting organic matter. The females feed mostly at night and mainly on birds but they also bite people outdoors or indoors. The tendency of these females to feed on people and birds is the wild host of the deadly West Nile Virus and makes the Cx pipiens the most likely host for the spread of WNV in North America.

Mosquito/Die X2c for a safer Mosquito free summer.

Since the on set of West Nile Virus ( so deadly to people and horses) the field test crew of the Holistic Horse have spent hundreds of hours in time and material in an effort to produce a natural product capable of destroying the larvae and ultimately mosquitos responsible for the deadly West Nile Virus.

And We Found It ... it's Mosquito/Die X2c and IT WORKS....

After even a small amount of X2c is ingested by mosquito larvae, their growth and reproduction ceases, meanwhile producing toxins deadly to them only. The toxins seem to paralyze the digestive tract of the larvae causing it to cease eating. Death will follow. Time of death can range (in test) anywhere from 15 hours to 6 days. This depends of course on the amount ingested by the larvae, the size and population of the larvae and the conscientious use of X2c for mosquito larvae control.

Efficacy of a mosquito larvae control program such as this, can be better evaluated by documenting the use of X2c on a regular basis. The amount used is very specific, in that more is not better, just wasted.

This 100% Organic compound base has a food grade codex designation by the USDA, FDA and is EPA registered.

X2c is completely harmless to you and your animals,fish or fowl but death to mosquito larvae. You can now rid your ponds, low marsh and wet lands of mosquito larvae with the use of X2c. Mosquito larvae can not develop an immunity to X2c as they can to chemicals.......


Through the end of 2001, WN virus has been documented in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas,Virginia and Wisconsin.

My 100% ORGANIC X2c is natural and therefore is not at all like man made chemicals. First of all it is a powder like formula with a distinct garlicky smell, that is harmless to handle.

X2c comes in a 1 pound 8 ounce bulk package and is only $7.95. A 1 pound 8 ounce package is 9 1/2 cups; enough to treat a large pond, marsh or wetland area.

To apply X2c: stay up wind (wind to your back) and spread lightly close to ground, covering any area where mosquitos might breed.

Within a few days if you have covered all wet breeding areas you will notice a great difference in the amount of mosquitos hatching in your area.

Even if you have no concern about West Nile Virus wouldn't it be nice to sit on the porch, patio, deck or work in the yard or garden without being eaten alive? I can tell you it is very nice...

After you have tested it for yourself and found how great it works; you can then order in larger quantities and save on X2c and shipping. Shipping for 1 order or 100 orders is ONLY 4.99. Buy now and SAVE!

As with all my natural Holistic Horse products X2c is also 100% guaranteed to work as stated or your money back. The reason I offer this guarantee is that I know my products work - I use them myself...

Buy two orders or more of X2c and I'll pay the shipping on the second or more order. So.... Order NOW at http://www.infozark.net/thhorse/default.htm

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At last a safe natural (non-chemical) alternative for the deadly West Nile Virus mosquito larvae X2c. You'll love what it will do to protect you, your family and your animals too. Order yours today!

If you're looking for natural, safe and effective solution to mosquito control, order Mosquito/Die X2c today. There's never been a better time . . . you don't want to be without.




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Updated: October 2005.