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PEASRIDGE is Europe's largest stockist of animal clippers, trimmers and grooming products.

The PEASRIDGE web site www.peasridge.co.uk is the world's most informative site for animal clippers with special consumer features such as CLIPPER STAR RATINGS and BUYER'S GUIDE and is used world wide by consumer and manufacturer alike what ever the breed!


From the USA - the clipper manufacturer Kim Laube launches a new light duty "MINI" horse clipper known as the "LAUBE 573 Mini Lasor Shear"

At just over 7 inches and weighing less than half a kilo this light duty full body horse clipper is available in two speed mains or vari-speed mode (A cordless version is expected later this year.)

Fitted with "detachable snap on blades" - this does away with all the tiresome tensioning associated with clippers fitted with traditional type blades. The Laube 573 Mini Lasor Shear clipper is ultra light, with an attractive slim hand piece, which is comfortable to handle, it affords effortless clipping over prolonged periods. Equipped with a two-speed function it has a higher cutting stroke ratio compared to the "vari speed model" and as such should be the better machine for horse clipping.

The 12-volt system is a positive plus for work in stables. A feature of these machines is the constant cool running ability even under prolonged use. The noise level, which is achieved when the machine is used at the lower speed, is ideal for any nervous animals.

Supplied with carry case, transformer, size#10 blade, spare drive levers, (2) grease and instructions this all comes ready to use at an attractive retail price of £199.95 including vat and carriage.

Also from the USA - working in conjunction with the German company HAUPTNER - manufacturers of the top selling HAUPTNER 2000 horse clipper - comes the exciting new " PREMIER 3000 DOMINANCE" a clipper designed for horse and cattle clipping

Strongly resembling the outstanding HAUPTNER 2000 - a heavy duty clipper (GOLD STAR RATING

The PREMIER 3000c "Dominance" Clipper is however…
15% lighter in total weight
15% smaller in the hand piece grip
Has more efficient power under load
Is cooler running during operational use
Accepts Lister blades as well as its own blades - making blade costs cheaper!

Made jointly between Premier (clipper head and blades) and Hauptner (clipper body and motor) this machine holds the promise of both excellence and perfection for all who clip!

Apart from the attractions of a really slim line hand piece other major features of these machines including the cool running and a more efficient permanent magnet motor power are that the air from the clipper exits via the head as opposed to the bottom of the motor. Tests suggest this lowers both head and blade temperatures by 10 degrees - an important benefit! Running noise level are much lower than the average clipper which makes this machine valuable in cases of nervous animals.

The Premier Dominance clipper drives its own superior quality standard, fine, and coarse blades as well as normal Lister UK blades. The ability to accept Lister blades offers the consumer a very considerable saving in blade cost!

This is especially valuable as Peasridge is supplying the clipper this autumn as a promotional launch with TWO standard blades! A consumer saving of some £40.00 against a Standard Hauptner blade!

For those with either dirty cattle or sheep it is worth noting that a sheep head can be fitted with ease, and will accept European cutters and combs. We recommend the use of either Heiniger or Lister cutter and combs

Supplied with carry case. PLUS TWO standard blades, oil, and instructions this all comes ready to use at an attractive PEASRIDGE promotional price of £259.95 including vat and carriage.

For all horse owners……. and indeed all who clip - no matter what the breed or species

PEASRIDGE - Europe's largest and most informed web site for animal clippers has recently introduced an number of new features aimed at helping consumers get the best machine for their individual purposes.

These include a "BUYER'S GUIDE", which is designed to enlighten and inform the buyer towards making the right purchase for his or her individual needs. Each of the clipper pages of the web site have been redesigned and are highly informative with both technical and basic information. Each page has a direct web link to the technical pages of "CLIPPER ADVICE" which contains a wealth of advice and information on getting the best performance from the machine as well as identification diagrams and spare parts list. Valuable information and high quality images of blades is an added and important feature.


A NEW "STAR RATING" system (the first ever!) has been introduced for all listed clippers, (which includes virtually all the animal clippers, manufactured world-wide.) The object of the "star rating" system is to provide a reasonable "bench mark" and a degree of confidence for those contemplating the purchase of a new machine."

PEASRIDGE assess all current makes of clippers/trimmers on a criteria which includes factors such as weight, length, handling ability, blade range, value for money - against similar machines, and design, engineering and reliability. Clippers can achieve up to 100 points maximum. Machines not listed are due to the manufacturer not supplying a current model for trial and assessment.

Whilst the results are solely the conclusions of PEASRIDGE, they are based upon a wealth of practical experience, and consumer feedback from the company's very large annual clipper sales worldwide. PEASRIDGE does whenever possible (and subject to manufacturers providing machines for the purpose,) try to make certain that each machine is tested in "field" conditions, using professional operators.

Important factors such as weight, length, noise, practical handling, safety and an "overview" of the history of any defects/faults are critically considered. (NB. The "weight" includes a clipper fitted with blades and battery pack if applicable.)

Noise levels - a highly important feature when clipping any animal, but especially horses - are measured over a 6-point "sound to the ear" factor in normal surrounding, as might be experience in ordinary operational use. When measuring "sound" the blades will have been correctly tensioned, suitably oiled and operated over a period of several minutes. Testing is within a building, not in an open-air situation.

Each clipper features an "upside" summery as well as a critical "downside" summery with no punches pulled on comments good or bad!. When the total points are accrued the clipper in question is then awarded a "star" rating: With ratings above 85 points a "RECOMMEND" award is given. 91 and above carries the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" award, and those clipper which accumulate 96 points and above, receive the VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED award and a "GOLD Star rating.

Star ratings are periodically reviewed and may as a result be increased or decreased according to the review assessment.

PEASRIDGE also list every six months the top selling clippers for that period. These statistics are based on data drawn from the company's very considerable UK sales. Exported clippers sales are not included in these statistics. The field of use category of each clipper is given

User Reviews are encouraged and users of any of the listed machines are welcome to e-mail PEASRIDGE (info@peasridge.co.uk) comments relating to their personal experience of using their particular machine. Full details can be seen on the PEASRIDGE web site www.peasridge.co.uk/products/clippers/info-clippers-star-system.htm



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