Winter Dates 2000-2001

1st Oct Unaffiliated Dressage

3rd Oct David Trott Clinic

4th Oct British Dressage

7th Oct Junior BSJA

8th Oct Senior BSJA

10th Oct Senior BSJA

11th Oct John Adams Clinic (pm)

13th Oct PEC John Thelwall Clinic

14th Oct Unaffiliated Dressage

15th Oct British Dressage

17th Oct BHTA Senior team training

18th Oct BHTA Senior team training

21st Oct Junior BSJA

22nd Oct Junior BSJA

24th Oct Senior BSJA

25th Oct Unaffiliated Show Jumping

26th Oct HDRC 3 phase event - 01487 815775

Dressage, SJ, Roads & Tracks

28th Oct Senior BSJA

29th Oct Unaffiliated Show Jumping

31st Oct Senior BSJA

4th Nov P(UK) Show

5th Nov British Dressage

7th Nov Unaffiliated Dressage

8th Nov British Dressage

9th Nov HDRC eve. Dressage

10th Nov PEC John Thelwall Clinic

11th Nov Junior BSJA inc Kraiburg Novice

12th Nov Senior BSJA inc Hunter Wilson

14th Nov Senior BSJA

15th Nov John Adams Clinic (pm)

Evening Unaff. Show Jumping

17th Nov Jill Day Clinic

18th Nov Unaff. Dressage

19th Nov British Dressage

22nd Nov British Dressage

25th Nov Unaffiliated Show Jumping

26th Nov *****

28th Nov Senior BSJA

29th Nov Evening Unaff. Show Jumping

2nd Dec Junior BSJA

3rd Dec Senior BSJA

5th Dec David Trott Clinic

6th Dec British Dressage

7th Dec Jill Day Clinic

HDRC eve. Dressage

9th Dec Dressage Unaff. & BD

10th Dec Native Pony Show

12th Dec Senior BSJA

13th Dec Evening Unaff. Show Jumping

15th Dec Parelli Natural Horsemanship

16th Dec Parelli Natural Horsemanship

17th Dec Junior BSJA

27th Dec Unaffiliated Xmas Jumping

28th Dec Senior BSJA

30th Dec Junior BSJA

2001 (provisional)

6th Jan Junior BSJA

7th Jan Senior BSJA

9th Jan Senior BSJA

10th Jan Eve Unaff. S J

13th Jan Unaff. Dressage

14th Jan British Dressage

17th Jan British Dressage

19th Jan BSJA Premiere

20th Jan BSJA Premiere

21st Jan BSJA Premiere

23rd Jan Senior BSJA

24th Jan Eve Unaff. S J

27th Jan BSJA Pony Prem.

28th Jan BSJA Pony Prem.

1st Feb HDRC eve Dressage

3rd Feb Junior BSJA

4th Feb Senior BSJA

6th Feb Senior BSJA

7th Feb Eve Unaff. S J

10th Feb Unaff. Dressage

11th Feb British Dressage

14th Feb British Dressage

17th Feb BSJA

18th Feb BSJA

20th Feb Senior BSJA

24th Feb BSJA

25th Feb BSJA

25th Feb BSJA-Equiline Disco.

3rd Mar Junior BSJA

4th Mar Senior BSJA

5th Mar Eve. Unaff. S J

10th Mar Unaff. Dressage

11th Mar British Dressage

15th Mar HDRC eve Dressage

17th Mar Unaffiliated S J

18th Mar Senior BSJA

20th Mar Senior BSJA

21st Mar Eve. Unaff. S J

24th Mar British Dressage

25th Mar British Dressage

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Fax (01234) 708400 - e-mail

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