Herbal Horsekeeping', the ultimate guide to keeping horses naturally

'Herbal Horsekeeping', the ultimate guide to keeping horses naturally - written by herbalist Robert McDowell and equine journalist Di Rowling - has just hit the cyber-waves!

The book evolved as a direct response to requests from Robert McDowell's numerous horse-owning patients all over the world for us to provide a comprehensive, yet accessible, text that will give horse owners the knowledge to maintain and treat their horses as nature intended. The format breaks new ground, and provides a workable, attractive and affordable reference text for horse owners everywhere.

To purchase, the e-book costs $25, and a CD-ROM will be available shortly for $30 (including shipping).

The online version of the book is literally online. This means when purchasers pay their fee, they will be able to register their own user name and password. This will get them access to their own copy of the book stored on our server, which can be accessed anytime from any connection.Under each username/password a file is opened, which allows the reader to register bookmarks and comments which are personal to themselves, which allows them to return to certain topics and to the notes they made (margin notes we call them) attached to the bookmarks.The individual is free to print out any single page or as many pages as they wish on their own machines at any time.

Please visit http://www.herbal-treatments.com.au/ to learn more.

Happy horsekeeping!

Di Rowling

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Updated: October 2005.