Equine Research Centre's Reproduction Workshops on Transported Semen, Frozen Semen and Artificial Insemination will be held on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2000 at Glengate Farms in Campbellville, Ontario

The successful ERC reproduction workshops are expanding to Glengate Farms to provide participants the opportunity to work in an industry laboratory. Participants will view first-hand the operation of a state of the art breeding facility that stands seven stallions and houses over 75 mares. "It is an excellent environment to learn the techniques of reproduction," said Debra Ottier, reproduction researcher at the Centre. Doug Nash, farm manager of Glengate Farms, has been an essential part of the ERC's workshops, providing current information on shipping procedures and legislation. "He lends an industry point of view to the technical information of the workshop in a manner that participants are not overwhelmed." These workshops will address the issues, procedures and practices related to collecting, transporting, and freezing semen, and inseminating mares. The workshops are designed to be practical, in-depth and hands-on. Active participants will be required to sign an accident and liability waiver in order to participate. Highlights of new reproductive technologies and respective conception rates will also be presented.

Friday's workshop covers aspects relating to transported semen, with collection and evaluation techniques highlighted. On Saturday, December 2nd, participants will learn the techniques of frozen semen, gaining much need knowledge on problem areas. Sunday December 3rd will highlight the mare, illustrating how to prepare and breed with artificial insemination. Each workshop will have a laboratory session where participants gain the opportunity to perform some of the tasks involved with artificial breeding. "The hands on aspect is invaluable, something that cannot be picked up by video or lecture" reports a previous participant. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to collect a stallion, evaluate semen, package semen for transport or freeze, and simulate breeding a mare! With the largest breed registry, the Quarterhorse, now allowing the use of frozen semen, there is an increased need for education on the procedures of frozen semen. "Mare owners are encouraged to attend all days to better understand where problems could arise" reports Ottier, "there are quite a few variables in the breeding process and all must be understood for success."

· Speakers include Debra Ottier, reproduction researcher at the Centre, Doug Nash farm manager at Glengate Farms, Mr. Peter Penner of Semex Alliance, and Dr. Patrick Meyers of Meyers Equine Veterinary Services.

To register contact Deb Ottier at dottier@uoguelph.ca or call (519) 855 6580.

Costs are $225 plus GST for each daylong workshop or $600 plus GST for all three days. For more information, contact Debra Ottier at the Equine Research Centre at 519-837-0061.

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