HRH The Princess Royal to Open ILPH Annual Seminar

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal has kindly agreed to give the opening address at the International League for the Protection of Horses’ (ILPH) Annual Seminar on Thursday 9th November at Tattersalls, Newmarket.

Her Royal Highness will be heading a distinguished list of guest speakers from both the Veterinary and Sport Horse World as well as from the ILPH. Subjects as diverse as the riddle of grass sickness, today's racehorse, ILPH training work in El Salvador and the cost implications of the disposal of dead horses, will be covered.

Speakers will include Yogi Breisner, Performance Director to the British 3-Day Event Team and Chef d’Equipe in Sydney, just back from the Olympics, giving a talk entitled Training Tomorrow’s Riders, and Jeremy James, ILPH Consultant on Transportation, also recently back from foreign soil. Jeremy will be giving the invited audience an update on the slaughter horse transportation issue following his recent fact finding mission to Poland, Slovakia and Belarus.

This event has been kindly sponsored by Howes Percival, Solicitors, Rubicon Computer Systems Ltd. and KBIS Equine Insurance.





Welcome by Dr. Douglas Munro, Director, ILPH


Opening Address by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal


Advances in Breeding, Dr Jonathan Pycock, Equine Reproductive Services


Today’s Racehorse, Ian Balding, Racehorse Trainer, Newbury Berkshire


Welfare in Sport, Leo Jeffcott, Dept. of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge University


Training Tomorrow’s Riders, Yogi Breisner, Performance Director to the British 3-Day Event Team & Chef d’Equipe in Sydney


ILPH/FEI partnership in Ukraine – Update, Derek Knottenbelt, Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Science & Animal Husbandry, University of Liverpool


Live Transportation – Update, Jeremy James, ILPH Consultant on Transportation of Slaughter Horses


Summing Up by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal


ILPH Awards, Captain The Hon. Gerald Maitland-Carew DL (Chairman) and Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal




ILPH Training in El Salvador, Geoff Chubb, ILPH Consultant on Equine Nutrition


Grass Sickness, Are We Any Closer To Solving The Riddle?

Dr Bruce McGorum, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh


Can You Afford to Make the Right Decision? David Mountford, ILPH Head of Equine Operations


Welfare Aspects in Veterinary Training, Derek Knottenbelt


Summing Up, The Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior


Tea, Departure

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