'A rare opportunity to examine equine fertility issues with 2 world class experts'

On the 17th November a major seminar will be held in Oxford which will cover dramatic new developments in equine reproduction, including the most topical subject - Embryology. Major advances are being made in embryology, enabling breeders to use modern science to increase stock production by using non-surgical procedures.

The Speakers: 2 world leaders in the field (See biographies)

The Audience: Anyone interested in successful breeding in the horse

(A short description of the Seminar follows)

Seminar 'Equine Reproduction'
Led by Dr J. Samper DVM, MSc,PhD and
Dr J. Pycock BvetMed, PhD, DESM, MRCVS
Worcester College, Central Oxford Saturday 17th November 2001

Topics will include:

¢ Pregnancy Diagnosis
¢ Artificial Insemination vs Natural Breeding
¢ Infertility in Mares
¢ Embryology - new techniques

Drs Samper and Pycock are acknowledged international experts in the field of equine reproduction and will present the most current information in lecture and discussion format. There will be an opportunity to raise related subjects during this informative and interactive day.

This important seminar will be of value to stud managers, private owners/breeders and veterinary practitioners/students. Information packs will be provided on the day.

The charge of £75.00 per head includes refreshments and buffet lunch.

For a detailed overview and registration form please contact Wendy Jeffery at Paso Finos UK on 08707 555 222 or e mail to contact@pasofinos.co.uk


After finishing veterinary school in 1982, Dr. Samper practiced as a large animal veterinarian in Colombia for three years. In 1984 he started his post graduate training at the University of Minnesota where he obtained a Master of Science and a PhD working on equine artificial insemination. While at Minnesota Dr. Samper successfully completed training and passed the examination to certify him as a specialist in equine reproduction. After Minnesota Dr. Samper worked for the Swedish National Stud in Flyinge where more than 1200 mares were bred every season. He accepted a job at the University of Guelph in Canada were he taught equine reproduction to veterinary students and was the research coordinator for the Equine Research Centre. Three years later Dr. Samper moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he developed and owned a specialty practice devoted to equine reproduction with emphasis on frozen semen, embryo transfer and breeding management.
After almost 9 years in Vancouver, in 2001 Dr. Samper was offered a position as an associate professor in equine reproduction at Kansas State University.
Dr. Samper has lectured in more than 20 countries around the world, has published over 50 articles, several book chapters and most recently "Equine Breeding Management and Artificial Insemination" a text book for horse owners and veterinarians.

Dr Jonathan F Pycock : graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, 1983 from where he also obtained his PhD in 1988 for his thesis on 'Breeding Problems in the Mare'. He was then in private equine practice for 6 years working in the UK during the breeding season before heading to the southern hemisphere for the breeding season 'down under'. In 1994 he took a position as Associate Professor of Equine Reproduction at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Whilst there he developed a special interest in artificial insemination with both chilled and frozen semen and assisted reproductive technologies such as embryo transfer and IVF. He worked extensively in these areas whilst in the Netherlands. He was awarded his Diploma in Equine Stud Medicine in 1994 and in 1995 became an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Reproduction. He returned to the UK in January 1997 to begin Equine Reproductive Services, a first opinion and referral private equine practice based in Yorkshire. He has published many papers and book chapters on a variety of equine reproductive topics and edited the book 'Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine'. He has lectured at meetings and given courses all over the world to both veterinary surgeons and breeders. In the UK he is Chairman of the A.I. Committee of the British Equine Veterinary Association. His main interests include ultrasonography, breeding the problem mare and artificial insemination. He is actively involved in researching mechanisms of uterine clearance and what determines susceptibility to endometritis. Currently he is evaluating use of oxytocin and depot oxytocin as a post-breeding treatment for mares.

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