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A Breath Of Fresh Air In A Feed Balancer

Blue Chip Original now carries even greater benefits for horses and ponies of all kinds. The already comprehensive formulation is being re-launched following the inclusion of Primo Vento, a synergistic combination of ingredients designed to help respiration and maintain healthy lung function. This means that Blue Chip contributes even more extensively to overall health and well-being.

Primo Vento combines antioxidant vitamins A,C &E, Omega 3 Oils, Selplex and Inovair; a traditional blend of herbs, oils, garlic and menthol. Based on scientific research, this unique fusion is intended to boost the immune system and maintain a healthy respiratory tract.

The new Blue Chip formulation has been prompted largely by consumer demand. Blue Chip asked its customers what most concerned them about their horse’s health and well-being. The overwhelming response was that respiratory problems were a major concern; the feeling being that horses are increasingly sensitive to pollen, dust, fungal spores and pollution and that allergies affecting the respiratory system are becoming more widespread.

Trials at a large number of yards (including those of Di Lampard, Kelly Marks, Kyra Kyrklund and the Yorkshire Riding Centre) yielded impressive results, one of the most dramatic being the oldest pony in Britain, 52 year old Samantha from St Bernard’s Animal Sanctuary. Staff were previously unaware that the pony even had breathing problems, putting her shortage of breath down to old age. However, since being given Blue Chip Original with Primo Vento, Samantha is far more active, trotting easily around her paddock without becoming breathless.

One of the main advantages for horse owners is that Blue Chip has addressed these concerns whilst reducing the need for additional dietary supplementation, thereby making this exceptional nutritional package even more valuable to the horse.

Contact Blue Chip on 0114 266 6200, FAX: 0114 268 5010 or log on at http://www.bluechipfeed.com/

Visit Blue Chip on Stand No. 32 at the British Equine Event, 2nd & 3rd November 2002


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Updated: October 2005.