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Lantra appoints Industry Partnership Manager to work with Equine industry

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the Environmental and Land-based Sector, has appointed Clare Johnson as its first Industry Partnership Manager for the Equine industry. Clare, previously employed as Lantra's Development Consultant for Standards and Qualifications, will work closely with the industry, its employers and representatives throughout the UK.

Last week, the government announced that employers would be put firmly in the driving seat to tackle skill shortages in their sectors as part of the further expansion of Sector Skills Councils (SSCs). SSCs are independent organisations tasked with tackling the skills and productivity needs of their sector throughout the UK.

Launched in March as one of the first five "Trailblazer" SSCs, Lantra is licensed by government to drive forward the new skills, training and business development agenda for the environmental and land-based sector. One of Clare's first tasks as Industry Partnership Manager is to develop an individual action plan for the Equine industry that focuses on identifying and developing solutions to its training and business development needs.

"One of Lantra's main aims as a Sector Skills Council is to identify and fill skills gaps across the environmental and land-based sector, including the equine industry," says Clare. "My job involves working with and listening to the needs of employers and other representatives from across the industry to do just that."

"It is therefore critical that employers from the industry get in touch and help us develop an action plan for addressing those needs," continues Clare. "We recognise that employers are experts in their own field who know first hand the requirements of their industry, so we are keen to listen. This is your chance as an employer to take the lead and tell government what action needs to be taken."

If you would like to be involved in the development of an industry action plan, or to find out more Lantra's work with the equine industry, contact Clare Johnson, Industry Partnership Manager, on 02476 696996 or email clare.johnson@lantra.co.uk.


Visit Lantra on Stand No. 261 at the British Equine Event, 2nd & 3rd November 2002


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