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Launched at the British Equine Event: The New Marquis Supergrip

The new Marquis Supergrip hoof boot, launched at the 2002 British Equine Event is something sure to revolutionise the protection of horses' hooves.

The patented Marquis Supergrip hoof boots are the first realistic alternative to nailing lumps of metal to a horse's hoof. Why would you want to replace metal nail on shoes? Well, metal shoes only protect the hoof wall - not the sole or delicate frog, the repeated insertion and removal of nails can degrade the hoof wall and raising the hoof off the ground reduces the all important frog pressure, reducing lower limb circulation that may lead to problems.

A German vet, in conjunction with a specialist equine biomechanics scientist developed a wireless computer system to measure the forces and action of horses' limbs in all conditions. They used this data to develop over a period of ten years what is now the Marquis Supergrip. All this scientific research has resulted in a boot that not only protects the entire hoof - it also ensures a limb action carefully matched to that of a bare-hoof.

So what are the boots like? The case is made from a special toughened, rubberised plastic, while the replaceable soles are made from rubber and can accept up to six grass studs or road nails. Not that road nails are really necessary - the rubber treads provide more than enough grip for road work, in fact grass studs will only be needed in the most extreme conditions.

The real surprise (and delight) of these boots is the nifty fastening system. A simple easy to use clip allows the entire front face of the boot to open so it can be fitted around the hoof. Placing the hoof back on the ground the clip is closed without the need for force. Then the clever bit - the pump provided is used to inflate the airbag that grips and supports the heel. This ensures the hoof can't move within the boot, cushions the heel, avoids chaffing and prevents excess mud from getting into the boot.

Initially horses are a bit baffled by the new boots but after ten minutes soon get into their stride and revel in the experience of having their own sports trainers. The harsh clatter and judder of roadwork is soon a distant memory replaced by smooth, sure-footed, confident, long paces.

The boots are suitable for all types of work, from occasional, gentle hacking out to the rigours of all kinds of competition at the highest level (including show-jumping, eventing and endurance).

To order, first measure the width of your horse's hooves at the widest point in centimetres. Then call Equestrian Select: 0870 225 9566 or visit www.equestrianselect.com
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Updated: October 2005.