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Stable Comfort

The Stable Comfort mattress is a revolutionary new flooring product to come on to the UK market. It has been well established both in Canada and the USA.

Stable Comfort provides unsurpassed horse comfort, is equivalent to 4" bedding and is a completely different product to the range of mats currently available.

The proven benefits of Stable Comfort are:
- Cuts mucking out time by 50%
- Significantly reduces bedding costs
- Resolves problems with storage and disposal
- Improves air quality through dust reduction
- Accelerates rehabilitation time and reduces joint stiffness
- Anti-cast, non slip enables ease of lying down and rising
- Insulation from cold
- Reduces or eliminates vices such as pawing or digging

Traditional stable floors are hard and unforgiving, requiring several inches of bedding to create a suitable environment. This amount of bedding can intensify dust-related health problems, is very costly and labour intensive and takes up valuable time that could be spent working with your horse rather than for your horse.

Stable Comfort has been designed to feel like natural pasture, providing the ideal surface for your horse's comfort and well-being. It is a patented, multi-celled mattress, filled with uniformly-sized rubber crumb. The mattresses are placed wall-to-wall in the stable, covered with a durable top cover and securely fastened to the walls, creating a one-piece, full coverage floor. The non-organic system inhibits the production of bacteria, preventing odour build up. Stable Comfort can be installed over any existing floor and can be taken up and used again, saving time, energy and money.

There are numerous benefits for horse and owner on fitting Stable Comfort. Horses with various medical conditions including arthritis, laminitis, navicular and even broken bones have shown dramatic improvements on Stable Comfort. They are getting the softness and cushioning that they need and with the traction of the mattress are able to lie down and rise again easily. One owner with an in foal mare with a broken hock stated 'Stable Comfort saved my mare's life, by allowing her the time needed to recover, her leg to heal and to produce a healthy foal, although the vet predicted she would not survive.'

The considerable reduction in bedding saves staffing costs and space, solving disposal and storage problems without sacrificing horse comfort. As illustrated by a satisfied customer:

"I'm now finished cleaning my stables by 10:30 am, when before it was 1:30pm, and I no longer need to hire people to help me…I used to get a load of shavings once every three weeks, now the last load I received has lasted me three months and it's still going!"

Stable comfort is the most ergonomic, efficient and economical stable flooring available. Through savings in bedding, labour, maintenance and veterinarian costs, the Stable Comfort system pays for itself in less than one year.

The Stable Comfort mattress is being offered at the introductory price of £350 delivered + vat for a 12ft square stable. An installation video is available and a fitting service is offered on request.


Visit Stable Comfort on Stand No. 95 at the British Equine Event, 2nd & 3rd November 2002



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Updated: October 2005.