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Light as a Feather

The Armadillo Airotec Saddle Pad is already well-known for wicking the sweat away from the horse's back, as well as being incredibly lightweight and shock absorbent.

But designers Justin and Ally Hoon have gone even further, completely re-thinking the design of shock absorbent pads.

Justin Hoon, Director of Armadillo has ridden all his life.
"In our experience, most of the problems that pads created were due to excess sweating which can cause rubbing. The horse's skin is much more sensitive than humans. So our pad literally PUMPS the air and sweat away, keeping the horse cool and comfortable."

Justin continues "We have had some fantastic results. Matt Ryan and Robert Le Mieux will not ride without an Airotec. We are thrilled that our Saddle Pad is used by so many top riders under seriously tough conditions."

Armadillo are always looking for ways to improve their products, so whilst manning their stands at shows like Burghley, Badminton and Horse of the Year Show, Armadillo asked their customers what they wanted in a Saddle Pad. And the answer was, it had to be LIGHTWEIGHT. Saddle Pads are used to reduce the impact of a saddle and rider on the horse, yet surprising, many are heavy.

So even though the Airotec is the lightest Shock Absorbent Pad on the market, Armadillo have re-designed it to be even lighter. New state-of-the-art foam makes this pad even more shock absorbent than before, but incredibly, the weight of the saddle pad has been reduced by 1/3.

The Airotec Saddle Pad still wicks the sweat away from the horse and absorbs the shock between the horse and rider, but is now even lighter weight than before.

RRP £59.95
Black or White
One size
For dressage, cross country, show jumping, hacking, endurance, polo…

Available from Robinsons, Shires, Jumpers Horseline, Derby House
Or contact Armadillo Products Tel: 01980 629796


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Updated: October 2005.