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Christmas Would Not Be Christmas Without A Few Good Films!

Horses provide the best excuses at Christmas, whether to escape the stresses of entertaining relatives or for some exercise after excess turkey. You can even avoid the endless repeats and game shows on TV with a selection of great equestrian videos and computer games from Equestrian Vision.

Top 10 Titles for Christmas 2003

1. Pippa Funnell: The Road To The Top - A fascinating insight into Pippa's life with horses, from the early years to the present day. With Pippa's recent Grand Slam win, this is sure to be a best seller that will interest all the family.

2. Successful Show Jumping with Tim Stockdale - an essential trio of training tapes for every budding show jumper, this is the next best thing to a lesson with the man himself.

3. Pippa Funnell: Riding Your New Horse - The second in a series of videos being made as part of Equestrian Vision's sponsorship of Pippa, this film looks at how to build a relationship with your new horse.

4. The White Horses of Lipizza - The survival story of the world's most celebrated breed with unique historical footage - A must for Christmas

5. The Best of Jumping Training - A compilation of the best training tips from top riders in all disciplines

6. Dressage for Jumping with Richard Davison - Flatwork training for competitive show jumpers, with John and Robert Whitaker

7. Thrills & Spills 1&2 - The two most successful equestrian entertainment programmes now available on one DVD.

8. North America's Wild Mustangs - The story of how wild mustangs are managed on the vast open plains.

9. Anatomy in Motion - The Visible Horse - a look at the muscular and skeletal systems painted in vibrant colour on a live horse.

10. It's a Horse Thing! - Comprehensive CD features videos, quiz and games plus general horse and pony facts.

Equestrian Vision videos and computer games are available from good equestrian retailers or by mail order from Equestrian Vision. Prices range from £10 - £30. For more information telephone 01730 892220, or visit www.equestrianvision.com.


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