Following demand from customers at the British Equine Event at Stoneleigh on
3/4 November Equafleece have extended their best-selling range of
fluorescent yellow Polartec® fleece horse clothing to include fluorescent
yellow sweat rugs. Designer Mary Leigh explains:

When designing the range I didn¹t initially focus on the benefit of a
high-visibility sweat rug which I saw basically as an indoor garment.
However, many of our customers lead out unsaddled horses to exercise and
find that the sweat rug doubles perfectly as an exercise sheet. Others have
pointed out that if you are transporting horses by road for any reason
overnight or in the winter you are likely to have horses in rugs standing
beside a poorly lit highway. Even if you don¹t intend to box or unbox on the
roadside, you can always break down.

The other new product launched after Stoneleigh is a quarter-zip fleece top
in navy with a broad horizontal fluorescent strip. These were worn as
uniform by Equafleece personnel at the event and were never intended for
sale. However, so many orders were taken at the show that Equafleece have
put the fleeces into production.

Please visit http://www.equafleece.co.uk. for further information.

Polartec® 200 is fully water-repellent, twice as warm as wool and four times as warm as "thermal" cotton products. It was developed for wear by sailors to minimise ther build up of sweat inside oilskins and therefore has unique wicking ability which means that it dries sweat as fast as a horse produces it.

Contact Robert or Mary on 01822 810272 or e-mail info@equafleece.co.uk

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Updated: October 2005.