The Rein-Aid® is a clear winner when it comes to improving the horses acceptance to the bit. Used for riding, longlining and lunging, Rein-Aid® focuses on an elastic contact with the horses mouth, similar to that achieved through education by World Class riders.

Not to be confused with imitations which lack the 'loop' that limits the stretch, the elastic 'warns' the horse that more pressure will follow immediately if they do not respond correctly to the bit. Horses quickly learn that it is more comfortable to yield to a soft elastic aid than the fixed, solid rein which follows. This interaction between the elastic and loop keeps the connection to the bit kind yet effective, allowing the rider to enhance their communication without resistance from the horse.

The calmness and willingness that an elastic contact creates allows the rider to achieve real harmony on the flat, over fences, or on the trails. Endorsed without payment by legends such as Hilda Gurney and David & Karen O'Connor, it's hard to imagine why people would ride without such a horse friendly aid. Available as Rein-Aid® inserts (which buckle between the bit & your reins) or the Elasto-Rein® (full reins in various styles), both feature the patented design of the elastic and loop and can be purchased at your tackstore or directly from Rein-Aid Productions. For more information visit or call 800 773 4885.

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