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Federation Equestre Internationale News

FEI Bureau Meeting

The FEI held its Bureau Meeting on 6 and 7 November in Moscow (RUS) on the invitation of the Russian Equestrian Federation and its President Mrs Elena Baturina.

The following items were discussed, decided and/or would be referred to at the FEI General Assembly to held next April in Manama (Bahrain).

The Bureau reviewed the proposed modifications of the Statutes and General Regulations. Generally speaking, many changes reflect practical considerations and current practices.

The following points were especially noteworthy:

Associate membership
It was explained that Associate Membership is no longer needed as the full membership procedure was adapted to take into consideration the lower income members.

The Secretary General's responsibilities for the management of the FEI Secretariat were clarified and Department Heads were formally mentioned. A Management Board composed of the Secretary General, the Sport Director and the Head of Finance Department was established in order to facilitate the coordination of the Secretariat duties.

A new Commercial Division will be established within the Secretariat in response to the proposed Business Plan to handle the evolving marketing needs of the FEI.

An organisational chart would be produced to clarify the new structure.

Legal structure
Chapter VIII concerning the Legal structure was significantly remodelled to simplify procedures, to strengthen decision making processes, and to encourage use of arbitration when resolving disputes.

The Treasurer presented the provisional budget. The Bureau took note that, due to the difficult world economic situation, the budget might show a loss for 2003 and that cost reductions might be necessary.

WEG 2002
The Bureau expressed its satisfaction at the success of the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez (ESP). A report would be produced for the OC of the 2006 WEG in Aachen (GER), based on the recommendations of the Technical Delegates.

The Chairman of Group V made a presentation on the preparation of the Pan-American Games to be held in August 2003 in Santo Domingo (DOM). He encouraged the NFs of the region to participate in the test event to be held early 2003.

The 1st Vice President Freddy Serpieri informed the Bureau on the fast progress of the construction of the equestrian site of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
The Chairmen of the Jumping and Dressage Committee reported on their favourable impression after their recent visit in Athens.

The Bureau confirmed the appointment of a coordination commission consisting of the Secretary General, Dr Bo Helander, the 1st Vice President Freddy Serpieri, the Treasurer Guilherme Sarmento and the Sports Director Michael Stone.

World-Young Riders
Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA) 27 September(change of location)

Driving/1, Flyinge (SWE), 4-8 August (change of date)

Europe-Young Riders
Jumping, Vilamoura (POR) 29 July - 1 August
Dressage, Aahrus (DEN) 22-25 July
Eventing: decision postponed to next Executive Board. Candidates are
Blarney Castle (IRL), Mata do Duque (POR) and Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA)

Jumping, Vilamoura (POR) 29 July - 1 August
Dressage, Aahrus (DEN) 22-25 July
Eventing: decision postponed to next Executive Board meeting. Candidates are Mata do Duque (POR) and Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA).

Jumping/Dressage/Eventing, Jaskowo (POL), 29 July-1 August

South America Young Riders and Americas Juniors & Children Jumping, Quito (ECU), first 2 weeks of September

North America Young Riders Jumping, Dressage, Eventing: Open

South America Seniors, Young Riders, Juniors and Children Dressage: open

Europe Seniors Jumping, San Patrignano (ITA) 22-24 July

Dressage: postponed to next Executive Board Meeting in January 2003,
candidates are Aarhus (DEN), Saumur (FRA) and Moscow (RUS)

Eventing: postponed to next Executive Board Meeting, candidates are Bonn-Rodderberg (GER) and Blenheim (GBR)

The Chairman of the Geographical Groups made presentations on the activities in their respective regions. Specific recommendations and issues will be dealt with by the concerned Committees.

An independent report "Towards a European Policy Management" was presented to the Bureau. The aim of the report was to achieve a better understanding on EU institutions and decision-making process. The Bureau endorsed the Executive Board's decision to appoint a specialised advisor based in Brussels for EU matters. The Bureau congratulated and thanked Honorary Vice President Count Dieter Landsberg Velen who was stepping out as chairman of the FEI EU Committee, which had been created by Group I and II four years ago. The Committee would continue its work under the leadership of Group I and II Chairmen and include members of the FEI

Grand Prix Competitions
The Bureau approved that international events which do not have a competition titled "Grand Prix" must run the competition with the highest prize money according to the rules laid down for the Grand Prix competitions (this does not apply to Derby, Six Bar competitions or Puissance).

Only one so called "Grand Prix" per event will be permitted in order to prevent the importance of the title "Grand Prix" from being diluted.

World Cup
The new World Cup rules were approved. The main points are a return to 38 riders in each competition, to be held on Sunday afternoon and with clearly defined invitations criteria.

Super League
Dates of Super League events will be protected.

Nations Cup Rules
The rules as published in Bulletin 06/02 were formally approved including the reintroduction of a jump-off with one rider per team in case of equality of penalty for the first place.

Foreign Judges at CSI 4 and 5 stars
The FEI will nominate the foreign judges for CSI 4 and 5 stars as of 2004.

Pre-Junior Championship for South America
A Pre-Junior Championship will be introduced for Group VI. It will be limited to riders from 14 to 16 years with obstacles of max. 1.30 m.

Veterinary Commission at CSIO events for Young Riders and Juniors In order to save costs, the Bureau accepted the Jumping Committee's recommendation that a Veterinary Delegate be permitted to perform the work of the Veterinary commission at CSIO for Young Riders and Juniors.

New tests
New tests for Children, Juniors, Young Riders were developed and would be effective as of 1 January 2003.
The new Grand Prix Test 2003: two versions A and B will be available, both of them less than 6 minutes long.

Level of tests for Regional Championships and Games
As of 2003, the level will be raised and the following tests used for South American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, Asian Games,
South East Asian Games, Balkan Championship:
. Prix St Georges
. Intermediate I
. Intermediate I Free Style

The same will apply to the Pan American Games in 2003, to be raised to Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle in 2007.

Minimum score of 60% will be required for qualification at Young Riders and Junior European Dressage Championship.

World Cup
The new World Cup formula proposed by the Dressage Committee was approved by the Bureau on a test basis for 2003. A total of 18 riders will compete; the 12 best riders after the Grand Prix will go through to the Freestyle; the 6 other riders will compete in a Grand Prix Freestyle Consolation competition.

Judging evaluation
A self-evaluation system of the judging after main events and championships was successfully started this year in Aachen.

Future of Dressage
Dressage Committee presented a Memo on Dressage developed in cooperation with riders, trainers and organisers to increase the interest in the discipline. Many issues were analysed and a number of recommendations issued such as:
. Promote Dressage on a global basis
. Shorter tests, more use of Kür to Music
. Clarify and communicate judges decisions
. More modern outfit

A plan for the implementation of the recommendations will be developed in cooperation with the Strategic Planning Committee.

The CIC World Cup had a very successful launch in 2002. The first final will be held in Pau (FRA) on October 2003.

The Bureau gave its full support to the new format of the Olympic Eventing competition as recently proposed to the IOC.

The Bureau endorsed the safety programme as set up for 2003 with the continuation of studies on safety pins and cooperation with Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) for statistics on cross country incidents.

The concept of Eventing courses for officials as introduced in 2002 would be continued next year including training in show jumping.


World Cup
The Rules for the Indoor World Cup for Four-in-Hand Driving for the season 2002-2003 were approved.

Top Driver Award
The Bureau agreed that date clashes for Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award events should be avoided and that events with traditional dates should be given preference.
The best four results per driver for the Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award will count for 2003 overall classification.

2003 CAI-A events that count as qualifiers for the 2003 World Cup will be permitted to have only three marathon phases. Each NF will be limited to a maximum of two such events. Other CAI-A events in 2003 may have either three or five marathon phases, and will also count for the Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award. 2003 CAIO events may have three or five marathon phases and 2003 Championships must have five phases.

An open forum will be held in 2003 to discuss the Committee's proposal to introduce a three-phase marathon for all international events including championships.

Central European Challenge
The rules for the introduction of a Central European Challenged were approved.

Promotion to the status of Official International Judge
Mrs Diana Brownlie (GBR) was promoted to the status of Official International Judge.

Official International status for Course Designers
The Bureau approved the introduction of an Official International status for Driving Course Designers and the promotion of the following course designers to the status of Official International Course Designer: Mr Arjan. Brinks (NED), Mr Wolfgang Astendorf (GER), Mr Christian Iseli (AUT), Mr Richard Nicoll (USA).

Entries, substitutions and clarifications
Modifications to the Jumping rules were accepted to clarify entries, substitutions and declarations.

Qualification procedures and the general development of the sport would be discussed at an Endurance Forum to be held in February 2003. Further to this Forum, proposal for a new qualification system will be presented to 2003 General Assembly.

Mrs Carol Bunting (GBR) was appointed as Co-ordinator of a programme to improve the training of Technical Delegates (TD) so that a separate category of officials could be established (currently, any FEI Endurance official can act as a TD)

The Bureau took note of the Vaulting Committee's report. The Committee is working on a proposal for a new formula with a Compulsory Free Test to replace the Compulsory test in order to make the sport more TV and spectator friendly.

Proposal for rules changes were currently looked into to improve the performance of team horses.

Mrs Véronique Nicolas (FRA) was promoted to Official International Judge Status.

For 2003 the same course plans will be used for Category A and B of the FEI Children's International Jumping competitions. There will be a separate classification and the dimensions of obstacles for category B will be lower than those of category A. These alterations will save organisers much time and effort when holding both categories.

The new Chairman of the Pony Riders Committee, Ferdi-Jürgen Wassermeyer (GER) was invited to attend the Bureau Meeting.

The measurement of ponies was discussed at length. For the moment, it was decided to maintain the present system, following the recommendation of the Pony Committee.

The 1st Vice President reported on the continued growth of the FEI development activities. In 2002 CHF 276'677 were spent compared with CHF 155'969 in 2000.


2008 Olympic Games in Beijing
Concern was raised as to the sanitary issues (the equine health status of China is as yet not internationally approved), the veterinary infrastructure (emergency facilities, the treatment platform and official veterinarians) and the testing protocol. The FEI would offer all assistance to the Organising Committee.

Medication Control Programme (MCP)
In 2002, 1050 samples were taken in the MCP area of Europe among which 35 tested positive. Among these 35 positive cases, 5 related to valerian, an herbal tranquiliser on the list of Prohibited substances. The Person Responsible using herbal remedies for his/her horse shall be aware that these should not contain valerian.

Influenza vaccination
The Veterinary Committee strongly recommended the influenza vaccination every 6 months to comply with requirements to protect the horse. A decision in this regard will be required by the 2003 General Assembly.

A new code of conduct has been developed and would be presented to the General Assembly for approval.

The 2003 calendar was approved

Following NFs will change their status from Associate Members to Full Members (Level 6):
. Granada (Group IV)
. Suriname (Group IV)

The Bureau wishes to express its gratitude to the Equestrian Federation of Russia for their wonderful hospitality and the excellent organisation of the meeting.



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