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San Patrignano CSI-A (ITA)

Equestrian sport against drugs and social outcasting

European championships 2005: for the first time the Europeans will take place in a community for drug addicts rehabilitation.

San Patrignano (Rimini - Italy), the largest community for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Europe, will host the 2005 European Jumping Show Championships. The allocation was officially announced yesterday in Moscow, during the annual meeting of the FEI Executive Board, the main decisional body of the International Equestrian Federation, chaired by HRH Dona Pilar of Borbon.

At the end of the meeting, HRH Dona Pilar of Borbon declared: "I am pleased to announce that the Bureau today awarded the 2005 European Jumping Championship to San Patrignano. The FISE and the community have worked hand in hand with all their energy to prepare San Patrignano's candidature and I would like to underline the authentic commitment of the rehabilitation community towards equestrian sport. The entire Bureau is confident that San Patrignano's community, in cooperation with the FISE, will host an unforgettable championship thanks to their experience and a reputed organisation team. I am sure that this championship will be inspiring for the competitors and all of us thanks to the special relationship between sport and solidarity which was developed over the years by the well-known Italian community against social outcast."

For the first time in the sport's history, a drug rehabilitation community will be the hosting venue of such a prestigious event. The equestrian centre of San Patrignano - 110 x 60 mt. grass arena, 70 x 40 mt. warm up arena indoor, 75 x 50 mt. training area - will host the top European equestrian jumping show from July 20th to July 25th, 2005.

"This decision represents an unprecedented innovation in the world of sports and a unique opportunity to prove the deep relationship between sports and solidarity" say Andrea and Giacomo Muccioli, respectively Responsible of the community and President of the organising committee. "Since many years San Patrignano's stud and the jumping team have been successfully taking part to the most relevant breeding activities and equestrian competitions gaining important results in top class events such as the Olympic Games and World Championships. We are well known for the quality of our home bred horses and for the successful organisation, since 1997, of the International horseshow (CSI-A) hosted in the community. Having said that, being designated the hosting venue for the European Championships represents an extraordinary result, far beyond our expectations. The FEI's decision shows the appreciation for the work of the entire community and it is for us the most tangible proof of the successful rehabilitation of many of our guys, now fully reintegrated into society thanks to their regained strenght. We are very grateful to the FEI and to the Italian Equestrian Federation in particular, for having so strongly supported our candidature. The European Championships in San Patrignano will represent the celebration of all equestrian championships, combining Sport with Solidarity for all those participating, from the Government representatives, to the officials, the riders, the media representatives or simply fans".

Cesare Croce, President of the Italian Equestrian Federation (FISE) expresses his full satisfaction for the final decision made by the FEI Executive Board: "We have been able to achieve the prestigious result of bringing back in Italy this top level competition, after 40 years. Our total support went to San Patrignano for three main reasons: first, the international credibility gained by Italy in the organisation of major sport events starting in '98 with the hosting of the World Equestrian Games. This week top equestrian sport is back in our country, in Verona, with the participation of top class riders in the FEI World Cup. The second reason is the growth of our jumping team, both in standard and technical level. We can count today on highly competitive riders such as Gianni Govoni, 5th in the recent World Championship in Jerez; Jerry Smit and Roberto Airoldi, who are now part of the èlite of the international jumping circuit. But the most important aspect is related to the human and social values related to San Patrignano's candidature: Sport is deeply part of our society and it can play an important role in helping people face the challenges of life, particularly the youngsters. I am glad that we have the chance to make equestrian sport carry out this message to the world".

The community of San Patrignano is located close to Rimini, on the Adriatic coast, in the Northern part of Italy (Bologna is the nearest International airport) and it extends on 250 hectares. Over the past 24 years the community has hosted more than 18.000 people and the majority of them, with the support and help received, have been able to regain their place in society, as responsible people, active and free at last from drugs.

Further information are available at: www.sanpatrignano.org - www.fise.it


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Updated: October 2005.