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Farmkey Freezemarks More Unusual Species

Farmkey, the leaders in equine freezemarking have been receiving increased calls with requests to freezemark more unusual horse species and other pets.

One of these unusual requests came from Chester Zoo, for its Przewalkski horses and Persian Onager (a type of Asiatic Wild Ass).

Chester Zoo put out a call to Farmkey to find a way to help them identify one Persian horse from another at the Zoo, and Farmkey came up with the innovative idea of freezemarking them with their own identification system.

Chester Zoo vet Stephanie Sanderson said: "As all Przewalski Horses and all Persian Onager have similar coat colouration the only realistic method of visually identifying each one would be to look closely at their patterns of hair growth or microchips.

"This method would require the animals to be handled, however this is not possible without sedation as they are wild and potentially dangerous."

Freezemarking worked out to be the best method, and five Przewalkski Horses and three Persian Onagers were successfully freezemarked earlier this year.

The procedure went well and Chester Zoo was pleased with the results.

Peter Mills of Farmkey said: "We were delighted to be able to help Chester Zoo conquer their problem of identifying each of their Przewalski horses.

"It is always advisable to have your horse or pony freezemarked, not only as a means to distinguish one from the other, but also as a deterrent against theft. It would be devastating if they were lost and stolen, but with a freezemark there is a good chance of recovering them quickly and safely".

A proven and effective theft deterrent, freezemarks vary from four- digit to the single mark of Micromark.

With almost 200,000 horses now security freezemarked, Farmkey has proved to be the number one choice for 190,000 UK members who know that should their horse stray or be stolen, 24hour/365 day nationwide back-up service is at hand.

The company has links with the police, auctioneers, and horse organisations, and its network is so extensive and effective that more than 90% of freezemarked horses which have been stolen are safely returned to their owners.

For more information please contact Farmkey on 0870 870 7107


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Updated: October 2005.