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SHCAC 2003 Fall Meeting

The fall meeting of The State Horse Council Advisory Committee of the American Horse Council was held in Amarillo, Texas, October 31 through November 2, 2003. 65 individuals representing 18 state horse councils attended the meeting, hosted by the American Quarter Horse Association.

Meeting sponsors included the American Quarter Horse Association, Colorad Horse Council, Michigan Horse Council, Minnesota Horse Council & Expo, Primedia, Wisconsin State Horse Council, Indiana Horse Council, Utah Horse Council, Kentucky Horse Council, Maryland Horse Council, Really Big Coloring Books, Iowa Horse Council, New Jersey Horse Council, New Mexico Horse Council, New York State Horse Council, Pennsylvania Equine Council, Wisconsin Quarter Horse Assn., New Hampshire Horse Council. Many thanks for your generous support!

Photo of Diane Jones, President Emeritus of NYSHC, receiving 2003 Van Ness Award from Jay Hickey, AHC
President. November 1, AQHA Heritage Center and Museum, Amarillo, TX.

The Opening Reception on Friday evening provided a chance for members to reacquaint themselves with old friends, as well as a to offer a warm welcome to newcomers. Saturday morning an educational seminar was offered. The theme was "Organizational Structure of State Horse Councils." Val Cole, NM, and SHCAC Vice Chair, opened with an overview of How to Form a Horse Council. Dr. Jerry Walker, IN, SHCAC Chair, followed with a presentation on Strategic Planning & Organizational Structure. Lisa Derby Oden, NH, SHCAC Communication Chair, then summarized a survey of State Horse Council Structure that was sent earlier in 2003 to horse councils around the
country. The educational seminar closed the morning with a panel discussion about State Horse Council Structures That Work. Member of the panel were: Diane Jones, NY; Jill Montgomery, CO; Jean Ligon, MI; Lisa Derby Oden, NH; and Neil Shaw, OH. Seminar proceedings can be found at www.statehorsecouncils.org.

Saturday afternoon provided time for SHCAC sub committees to meet in concurrent working sessions. The Sub-Committees that met were: Issues, chaired by Cindy Schonholtz, CO; Marketing, chaired by Lucinda Davis-Griesey, IN; Communications, chaired by Lisa Derby Oden, NH; Trails, chaired by Dave Petrie, WI; Horse Fairs and Expos, chaired by Glen Eaton. Satellite meetings were held later in the afternoon of the Animal Welfare Council and State Horse Council Alliance.

Saturday evening the AQHA treated all attendees to a terrific Chuck Wagon Cookout at the AQHA Heritage Center & Museum. Jay Hickey, president of American Horse Council presented the Van Ness Award to Diane Jones, president emeritus of New York State Horse Council. The Van Ness Award is given annually to one person in the United States that has demonstrated outstanding service to the horse industry at the state level.

Sunday the meeting wrapped up with the SHCAC Business Meeting. Jay Hickey and Amy Mann, both of AHC, were present to update on AHC initiatives. Sub-committees made their reports, and a new Ad Hoc committee was formed. Jean Ligon, MI, leads the new committee that will take on the task of researching and constructing a model for Designation and Zoning for Equine Communities. The 2004 Fall Meeting will be held in Ohio, November 5-7, 2004.


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Updated: October 2005.