Penny Passes Out

ILPH Penny, the Irish Draught mare rescued from a life of neglect, passed with flying
colours the first stage of her career with the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery.
In the 2 months that Penny has been in the army she has been broken to saddle,
ridden out in the thickest of London traffic as well as being introduced to small jumps.

Gunner Guy Ridley receiving award for Most Improved Horse from Captain Ed Botterill

At her passing out last week she was one of eight new remounts that showed off their
paces at the barracks in St. Johns Wood, London.

Says Tony Fleming, Centre Manager at ILPH (International League for the Protection
of Horses) Penny Farm where she went as an unhandled, neglected filly, "When you
think that in February we could not get near her she was so wild - I am so proud to
see what she is doing and how well she is behaving today."

Penny, or Hallmark as she is officially known, will now be going onto the next phase of
her training as a gun (carriage) horse.

Adds Major Simon Hall, Commanding Officer of the King's Troop, "We are very
pleased with Penny's progress in such a short time. With her temperament and build
she should be ideally suited as a 'wheeler' - one of the two horses at the rear of the
team of six - the ones that apply the brakes for the team."
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery is now looking for new recruits. Those
interested, whether male or female between 16 and 27 years, should contact the
Chief Clerk on 0207 414 4603 for more information.

ILPH Penny & Gunner Guy Ridley

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