A Decade Of Saddle Fitting Research Yields A Solution

WOODSIDE, CA: SADDLETECH, the company that invented the SADDLETECH COMPUTER SADDLE FITTING SYSTEM in 1992, a decade later has introduced a new product the "SADDLETECH ORTHOTIC". Employing the results from 10 years of computer saddle fit testing, Saddletech has invented a thermoplastic formed structure that is "custom made" to the SADDLETECH GAUGE and FORMULA Measurements to provide a "Formula Fit" Orthotic for each horse. This product permits an accurate shape of the "MOUNTED" horse's back to be replicated, by including a calculation for the effect of the weight of the rider, to protect horses from poorly fitting English and Western saddles. This is NOT "just another pad". This is a "measured" structure that can be objectively documented to really "FIT", by using computer interface pressure measurement.

For those equestrians who require higher performance or have a horse that is asymmetrical; a "Computer Fit" Orthotic is also available from technicians using the Saddletech Computer Saddle Fitting System to account for subtle variations in conformation. The "SADDLETECH ORTHOTIC" can achieve a superior fit because it is manufactured employing significantly more measurements than has been previously possible. This manufacturing method is integrated into the Saddletech System providing a "feedback loop", which permits the “ORTHOTIC” to be reformed using the additional computer data, to document real "PROOF OF FIT". If the horse's back changes over time due to age or conditioning, the horse can be remeasured and the "Orthotic" readjusted.

To support this new "Orthotic" product, Saddletech has just built a completely new e-commerce website WWW.SADDLETECH.COM based on an ORACLE 8i database, permitting Saddletech Measurement data to be used over the Internet. The Saddletech Gauge Measurements can be used to order an "Orthotic" completely online. For those who wish to retail the "Orthotic" using the Saddletech Gauge, volume discounts are available. For those equestrians who do not live near saddle fitters who use Saddletech Measurement Technology, a limited number of Saddletech Gauges are available for rent on this new website, so that they also can benefit from the new "SADDLETECH ORTHOTIC" anywhere in the country.

Additional good news is that the U.S Patent office has notified Saddletech that the "Utility" Patent for the Gauge, Formula and the use of the Computer to calibrate the Formula has finally been allowed. The bad news is that due to the Anthrax attack on Washington, D.C. the Patent Office has significantly delayed issuing all patent numbers. However, since the Patent is issuing shortly, Saddletech must use the last of the existing inventory, before engraving the new patent number on all future Saddletech Gauges. Saddletech currently has a Special Offer of the Original Mk I Saddletech Gauge that has the "Patent Pending" engraved on the wings for the original 1996 Price. This offer is also available on the new WWW.SADDLETECH.COM website, using major credit cards

This is another "instant success" after ten years of research. Equestrians no longer need to guess about saddle fit, they can finally "Slay the Saddle Fitting Dragon" using Saddletech Measurement Technology and use any saddle they want within reason, because the horse is protected by the “SADDLETECH ORTHOTIC”.

Robert Ferrand, Inventor


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Updated: October 2005.