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2003 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals Judges Named

The International Arabian Horse Association®(IAHA® ) has approved judges for the 2003 Arabian Sport Horse National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show, which will be held at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia, on September 17-21, 2003.

National championship classes at the five-day show will include, dressage, hunter/jumper and sport horse classes for Arabians, Half-Arabians and Anglo-Arabians. The dressage judges (Team 1) are Trenna Atkins of Coupeville, Virginia, and Inez Propfe-Credo of Tucson, Arizona. Dressage judges (Team 2) are Maryal Barnett of East Lansing, Michigan, and Dr. Max Gahwler of Darien, Connecticut. The hunter/jumper judges are Mrs. Robert A. Powers of Hugo, Minnesota, and Linda Allen of Salinas, California. The sport horse judges are Janet Brown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Bitsy Shields of Petaluma, California.

Dressage horses will be required to use those nationals qualifications that are already in place, but qualifications will be waived for hunter/jumpers and sport horses for the first year so that horses currently showing in open circuits can participate. All horses need to be Arabians, Half-Arabians or Anglo-Arabians registered with IAHA, the Arabian Horse Registry of America or the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry. Both rider and owner need to be IAHA members. For more information on dressage qualifications, check the 2002 IAHA Handbook or contact IAHA at 303-696-4500.

IAHA® is a 28,000 member breed association that registers Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, administers more than $4 million in prize money annually, produces national events, maintains official event records , recognizes more than 400 Arabian horse shows and distance rides and provides a ctivities and programs that promote Arabian horse breeding and ownership. For in formation about Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, call 303-696-4500, e-mail iaha@iaha.com or visit www.iaha.com


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Updated: October 2005.