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Cowboy Music & Poetry on CMT!!!

A CMT film crew came to the Anadarko, Oklahoma area to film the "Keepin' It Cowboy 3rd Annual Christmas Show" to be included in a CMT Holiday Special and will air from December 5th to December 25th. Jo Hargrave, host of "Keepin' It Cowboy", has produced the 2 hour radio show and Sunday Morning Cowboy Gospel Program from the KJON studios for 5 1/2 years and was voted the Academy of Western Artists 2003 DJ of the Year in Fort Worth, Texas in July. Schedule for the CMT special entitled "Christmas in Cowboy Country" is as follows:

AIRDATES - (all times are eastern)

12/5/03 - 10:00P - "Premiere"
12/6/03 - 1:00P; 12:00A
12/7/03 - 2:00P; 9:00P; 12:00A
12/8/03 - 9:30P; 12:30A
12/9/03 - 12:00A
12/13/03 - 5:00P
12/16/03 - 7:00P; 10:00P; 1:00A
12/17/03 - 8:00P
12/18/03 - 9:00P; 1:00A
12/22/03 - 11:00A
12/23/03 - 10:00P
12/24/03 - 12:00P; 7:00P; 11:00P
12/25/03 - 2:00P; 8:00P; 12:00A

For more information contact Jo Hargrave, johargrave@tds.net, www.keepinitcowboy.com, 1-800-485-5959.


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