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Federation Equestre Internationale News

5 December 2003

The FEI Bureau held its statutory meeting on 4 and 5 December 2003 at Jerudong (BRU) on the kind invitation of the Brunei Equine Association.

The following items were discussed, approved and/or will be presented for approval to the 2004 General Assembly:

The introduction of the Samsung Super League has been a great success and the FEI Bureau expressed its appreciation to the Organisers and National
Federations involved as well as to Samsung Electronics Co for their invaluable support to both the Samsung Nations Cup Series and the Samsung Super League.

The Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee reported on the works of the Committee. Further to extensive consultation with the National Federations, a final proposal to solve the Pay Card issue will be presented to the FEI General Assembly in April 2004.

The Strategic Planning Committee has begun the new task of establishing a new Strategic Plan for the next five to ten years and has already held a meeting with the FEI Secretariat to gather their views on the future plan.

The Bureau acknowledged the written report of the 1st Vice President.

The Bureau approved the coaching system developed by the FEI Development Working Group as well as the basic structure for developing National Federations.

The revision of the Statutes and General Regulations to be approved by the 2004 General Assembly was studied by the Bureau.

The Financial charges (Art 006) will have to be clarified with well defined responsibilities of the FEI, the NFs and the Organising Committees (OCs).

The composition of Technical Committee (Art 040-048) will be revised according to the specific needs of each discipline.

General Regulations
Calendar: A more flexible system for lower level events and date protection for top level events will be established.

Nationality of competitors: a more flexible rule is needed for competitors living abroad, especially in countries where the possibility to obtain citizenship is strictly controlled. Consideration of permanent resident status should be reviewed.

The deadline set for NFs and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to gain eligibility to take part in the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens of Saturday 1 May 2004 has been extended until 2 May 2004 to include the competitions of the full week-end.

The 2004 and 2005 budgets, which have been prepared using two separate entities to better record the distinct activities of the FEI Secretariat and new Commercial Division, was approved. The new commercial division will be responsible for all sponsorship activities, TV, marketing and franchising rights as well as FEI Series such as the World Cup and Samsung Nations Cup Series and Samsung Super League.

CHF 474.000 was allocated to the Development Fund, which will also be in charge of the budget for the FEI Challenge (Development competitions in umping and Dressage).

The Financial charges for 2004 were approved for presentation to the 2004 General Assembly.

The Bureau approved the fees to be introduced on a progressive basis from 2004 to 2009 for presentation to the 2004 General Assembly. The decision was based on inflation rates over the last 10 years in a selection of countries.

A schedule to increase the Organising Dues was presented, which was currently under discussion with the International Equestrian Alliance of Organisers (IEOA).

The report on the test event held from 15 to 17 August 2003 in Athens was acknowledged by the Bureau (see FEI Press news 19 August 2003).

The 2nd Vice President reported on the very successful 2003 Pan American Games which have taken place in Santo Domingo (DOM). In contrast to the 2003 edition of the Games, which only included Dressage and Jumping competitions, the 2007 Pan Am Games to be organised in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) will include all three Olympic disciplines. As participation quotas have been established for all sports since 1999, and as the Pan Am Games are used for Olympic qualification, negotiations will be initiated by the Brazilian NF with the Organising Committee to increase the quota for equestrian sport.

A booklet with a compilation of relevant rules applying to the Asian Games to be organised in Doha in December 2006 will be produced by the FEI Secretariat.
The Asian Games will include at least Jumping, Dressage and Endurance.

The Bureau allocated the following Championships:

Europe - Juniors
Eventing ITA Pratoni del Vivaro 9-12

North America - Young Riders
Reining USA Oklahoma City 23 May

South America - Seniors, Young Riders, Juniors and Children
Dressage CHI TBC

World Seniors
Driving /2 AUT Wals- Salzburg 8-11
Driving/4/2/1 Ponies GBR Catton Hall 14-17 July

World - Young Riders/Juniors
Endurance BRN Bahrain TBC

Europe - Seniors
Endurance GBR Stourhead House 6/7 or3/14 August
Vaulting ITA Mantova August
Reining ITA Reggio Emilia 26 - 28 August

Europe - Young Riders
Jumping SUI Frauenfeld July
Dressage ITA Brazago 15 - 17 July
Eventing SWE Segersjö
Europe - Juniors
Jumping SUI Frauenfeld July
Dressage ITA Brazago 15 - 17 July
Eventing FRA Saumur 04 - 07
Europe - Pony
Jumping, Dressage, Eventing ITA Pratoni del Vivaro 29-31 July

World - Seniors
Driving/1 ITA Pratoni del Vivaro TBC

The following changes to the FEI Championships were approved:

World - Seniors
Endurance UAE Dubai January 2005 (was
allocated for 2004, date change)

Europe - Young Riders
Jumping POR Vilamora 15-18 July (date
Eventing POR Barroca d'Alva (change of venue)

Europe - Juniors
Jumping POR Vilamora 15-18 July (date

The Executive Board confirmed the appointment of the President of the
Belgian NF, Mr Jacky Buchmann as Chairman of the European Union Working


Group I
The following major issues, discussed during a Group meeting in October 2003, were presented to the Bureau:

. The Group considered the report on the first meeting of a European Union Working Group had taken place in August 2003.
. A number of articles regarding the nationality of competitors, official calendar, financial charges and modifications to the veterinary regulations were considered in connection with the revision of the FEI Statutes and General Regulations.
. The test event for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the Eventing Horse Passport and the online registration for Eventing procedure were also discussed. The development of a 4* short format Eventing Series concept was supported.

Group II
The following major issues, discussed during the Group meeting in October 2003, were presented to the Bureau:
. Group II advised the FEI that in case of a vacancy, the possibility to organise a Super League event should be given to National Federations having taken part in the Series.
. In connection with the revision of the FEI Statutes and General Regulations, the Group discussed the issues of the selection of teams and individuals in relation to the European Union laws, allocation, and the control and cancellation of and working agreements with international event organisers. The Group also discussed the possibility to comment on proposals by the FEI committees before these are presented to the FEI Bureau and/or General Assembly.
. The Group member NFs requested that they be kept informed of the new developments in the EU animal transportation regulations.
. The FEI was requested to regularly inform the NFs about the developments on agreements between the FEI and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). . The Group supported the proposal for a new Nordic Baltic Championship below the Senior level.

Group III
The view that Group III could not function as a whole and that restructuring was necessary was expressed. It was also strongly suggested that all international riders should be registered in a database in order to avoid that variations in the spelling names have an influence on the technical results and rankings.

Group IV
The Pan American Games have been the highlight of the season. The excellent performances of USA, Canada and Mexico were acknowledged and the fact that Barbados have sent a Dressage team to an international competition for the first time was noted. The FEI Challenge competitions have increased in popularity but the member NFs faced two important issues for the upcoming year: the communication of the rules for the Finals and the frustration in dealing with veterinary and quarantine regulations when riders from the Group seeked to compete outside their region.

Group V
The Group expressed its satisfaction at the member federations' successful performance at the Pan American Games which took place in the Dominican Republic: one gold (Puerto Rico in Jumping), two silver and two bronze medals.

Group VI
It was reported that Brazil had organised an excellent South American Jumping Championship for Juniors and Children. However, the number of participants has decreased due to the high cost of long distance travelling. The Group was therefore considering to hold events every two years (instead of every year) in order to enable the member NFs to gather the necessary funds.

Group VII
A slight increase in the number of international competitions was noted. However, the big distances between the member countries and the disparity in means and goals are major obstacles to the development of a common strategy. Development activities such as technical courses and seminars should therefore be organised on a closer geographical and common language basis.

Group VIII
Subjects of common interest to the Group members such as calendar fees and Jumping and Dressage qualification trials for the 2008 Olympic Games were brought to the attention of the Bureau.

Group IX
The good dynamics of the Group and the increase in the number of FEI Challenge competitions in Dressage and Jumping were acknowledged.

Samsung Super League and Samsung Nations Cup Series

Following the experience gained at the end of the first season of the Samsung Super League, and the comments received from all the parties involved, the Bureau approved several clarifications and rules modifications for the 2004 season such as:

- All Super League teams will return to the second round

- the top three teams in the Samsung Nations Cup Series after one third of the season will have the right to participate in all remaining events

- Non-Super League teams will no longer obtain points in Super League competitions

-.In the Nations Cup Series, points will be awarded according to the team classification within that competition irrespective of the participation of teams from the Super League.

Junior participation at CSI two-star events
As of 2004, Junior riders once they have reached the age of 16 years are permitted to participate in Grand Prix competitions at CSI two-star events.

2006 WEG and European Championships
The team competition at the 2006 WEG will be run over two days. If requested by the Organising Committee the team competition at the 2005 European Championship may also be run over two days. The number of individual participants in the second round of the team competition will be limited.

2005 European Championship - speed
Due to the size of the arena to be used for the 2005 European Championship in San Patrignano (ITA) the speed in the Championship competitions will be reduced from 400 m/min. to 375 m/min.

Minimum prize money for European and World Championships A minimum prize fund of CHF 450.000 (Swiss francs) for European and World Jumping Championship competitions was established.

Amateur Owner Category
A new rider category for amateur owner was established for international events.

Entry fees for Continental Junior and Young Riders Championships The maximum amount permitted to be charged as entry fee per horse for Continental Championships for Young Riders and Juniors is CHF 375.00

Nomination of riders for CSI events
The FEI Secretariat has the right to nominate two riders for each CSI.

Sponsor Team Competitions and Team Registration
The Bureau approved rules for sponsor team competitions and for the registration of sponsored teams.
- Non registered teams cannot compete in a commercial team competition, which also applies to the Riders Tour Team classification.
- Teams may not represent a political or religious organisation.

CSI Events - Distribution of prize money
Events which distribute prize money based on the accumulation of points over a number of competitions at the same event must offer at least CHF 525.000 in prize money for such a formula to be authorized by the FEI.

Olympic Games Competition Formula
The Chairman of the Jumping Committee presented a proposal for a new Olympic formula the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (CHN), aimed at making the jumping competitions at the Olympic Games more attractive for TV viewers and

The proposed formula will be sent to National Federations for review and approval at the 2004 General Assembly. It will also be available from FEI website.

The Bureau acknowledged the principles proposed by the Eventing Committee for the redefinition of Eventing formats to be implemented in 2005 (complete proposal is available on the FEI website, section reference, working documents)

The proposal included
Redefinition of Eventing format with:
- CCI Long: traditional CCI with roads and tracks and steeple chase
- CCI Short: introduction of CCI short format as traditional CCI without road and tracks and steeple chase including compulsory Horse Inspection and Jumping as last test
- CIC format for lower level events

FEI Championship format
All existing FEI Championships (Senior Continental, Young Riders, Juniors and Regional) will be organised in the CCI short format with the exception of the World Equestrian Games that shall retain the option for the long format.

Technical requirements (format and qualifications)
The technical requirements and qualifications are still under consideration and will be sent to NFs for review before the 2004 General Assembly.

Directives and criteria for organising four star events will be worked out for inclusion in the 2005 revision of the Eventing rules.

The new version of the Eventing Memorandum will be published in January 2004.

Clarifications to the present rules were approved by the Bureau, including the fact that Young Riders and Juniors competitions were open equally to horses and ponies, provided they and their riders meet the relevant qualification criteria.

The Bureau approved the rule clarifications and changes to become effective as of 1 January 2004, including the main following points:

-. Art. 401.1 will be changed to reflect the object of Dressage which is the development of the horse into a happy athlete through harmonious education.
- 15 riders will be allowed both in the Grand Prix Special and the Freestyle.
- For CDI 3* and CDI-W, the draw of the Grand Prix Special or Freestyle will be in reverse order of the Grand Prix result.
- For championships and CDIO 3* the starting order of the Freestyle will be in reverse order of the Grand Prix plus Grand Prix Special results.

A second Combined World Pony Championship was agreed to be based on the success of the first run on a trial basis.

The revision of the Driving rules to be presented for approval to the 2004 General Assembly was acknowledged by the Bureau. Among the most important changes in the rules to become effective on 1 January 2005 are the following:

- The number of drivers and horses that may be entered at championships was increased
- Rules for Combined Championships was introduced in the rules
- Rules pertaining to Conflict of interest were strengthened
- At championship level, the Marathon will include three phases
- A number of articles were rewritten to ensure the welfare of the competing horses and ponies
- A draw procedure for starting order was defined in more details for all levels of competitions.
- The descriptions of the Dressage movements have been rewritten and a new test included.
- The duties Obstacle Observers were defined
- A drive-off must be run in case of equality at CAIO and championships
- Rules for competitions with winning round were introduced

In the frame of the revision of the Endurance Rules to be presented for approval by the 2004 General Assembly, the Bureau agreed on the basis for the introduction of a star rating for Endurance officials. The aim of this rating is to ensure that FEI officials have the necessary experience and knowledge to undertake their tasks efficiently at the different levels of events. The star ratings are based on a worldwide programme of courses to provide an ongoing education and improvement for all FEI Endurance

The assessment of Officials will be made according to an agreed protocol to be established by the Endurance Committee as well as fixed criteria.

Among the main proposed rules changes the following were particularly mentioned:
- The course distance may be reduced to take into account local climatic differences
- The weight is reduced in the lower level events to a minimum of 70 kg.
- The requirements for officials for International events and their role are defined in more details
- The Endurance rides are defined in stars (four stars for high level events and championships, 1 star for one day events between 40 and 79 km), and a maximum Pulse at Vet Gates and Final Inspection is specified.
- The role of the Veterinary Commission is strengthened and the veterinary inspections explained in details.
Like in the other disciplines, the new rules have been defined with a view to further strengthen the welfare of the horse, especially in this rapidly expanding discipline which has proved to be popular all over the world.

The revision of the Vaulting rules to be approved by the 2004 General Assembly for enforcement on 1 January 2005 was acknowledged by the Bureau.

The Bureau approved the creation of a Vaulting Working Group to develop the sport outside Europe and to compile information for the countries not yet practicing Vaulting.

The group includes the following members:
- Ms Fernanda Shaw (ARG)
- Ms Emma Drinker (USA)
- Ms Trysten Lowe (AUS)
- Ms Ulrike Rieder (GER) co-opted in a consultative capacity.

The Bureau acknowledged the report by the Chairman of the Reining Committee.

The FEI Reining Masters were confirmed to take place in 2004 with a minimum prize fund of CHF 200,000 for the Final in Oklahoma City (USA).

Several minor rules amendments concerning welfare, safety and a reduction in the number of judges necessary for lower level events were approved for implementation on 1 January 2004.

The Chairman of the Children's Committee reported on the healthy development of the Children's competition, as well as the increasing number of Dressage competitions organised for Children.

An update on medication issues was presented with the future direction of medication control in the FEI. This included plans to permit the use of Regumate (altrenogest) to suppress excessive signs of heat in mares competing in FEI competitions and a possible lowering of the threshold for Salicylic Acid (Aspirin). There has been concern about the possibility of some illegal use of sedatives in Eventing which is being investigated.

Horse Inspections
The improvements with regard to a standardisation for Horse Inspections were highlighted and a revision of veterinary examinations at one day events (CICs) is being considered.

A new temporary Subcommittee has been established to advise on veterinary issues in Endurance, which will report to the Veterinary and Endurance Technical Committees. The FEI is also launching a research programme next year on horse welfare in Endurance Riding to monitor the physiological changes during a controlled 160 km ride, with the aim to minimise the risks of injury or exhaustion in this discipline.

There is concern by the Veterinary Committee after a large outbreak of influenza in the UK last year that the current protocol of annual vaccinations is not resulting in a sufficient protection in FEI horses. A proposal will be submitted to the General Assembly to reduce the time interval between booster vaccinations to overcome this problem and prevent an outbreak of this disease, related to horses competing in FEI competitions.

The Chairman of the Judicial Committee explained the legal procedures and highlighted the prominent cases of the year.

The 2004 calendar of International Events was approved.

The Bureau approved the affiliation of the Cayman (CAY) Equestrian Federation to be included in Geographical Group IV, thus bringing the number of FEI affiliated member federations to 131.

The FEI would like to thank the President of the Brunei Equine Association, Dato Paduka HJ Abdul Rahman bin Haji Mohiddin and his team for their hard work and care in the preparation of the meetings.



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